Vlahovic agent explains Arsenal snub, Juventus move

Dusan Vlahovic agents Darko Ristic says the 22-year-old has chosen Juventus because of the club’s charm: ‘Juventus are always Juventus…’

Vlahovic is undergoing his medical with the Old Lady ahead of a €75m move from Fiorentina.

The striker will sign a €7m-a-year deal for the next four and a half years.

He will wear No.28 at the Allianz Stadium as Alvaro Morata is expected to stay in Turin until the end of the season.

Video: Vlahovic arrives for Juventus medical

Sky Sport correspondent Paolo Aghemo, who is following Vlahovic’s exams at the J Medical, reports Vlahovic’s agent Darko Ristic is also in Turin and has briefly spoken with reporters at the spot.

Vlahovic had received offers from Arsenal, Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur but picked Juventus instead. When asked why the 22-year-old opted to move to Turin, Ristic replied: “Juventus are always Juventus.”

The player’s representative justified his client’s choice saying that Juventus’ charm convinced him to pick the Old Lady.

Vlahovic’s medical tests will be over in the early afternoon and after that, the striker will visit Juventus’ training facilities and sign his contract with the Serie A giants.

10 Comments on “Vlahovic agent explains Arsenal snub, Juventus move”

  1. Juventus are always Juventus.” Juve was the only club in Italy that could keep him in Italy. The rest of the league should be kissing Juve’s backside after bringing in the likes of Ronaldo to raise the profile of the league and for keeping gems like Vlahovic in Italy.

  2. @frankie u have said it all…say no more bro! JUVE 4 LIFE!!! FORZA JUVENTUS!!! & Welcome home Vlahovic we are juventus!

  3. I thought Juve was struggling for money and running at a loss and thats why they needed the Super league?

    Where did this money come from?

  4. @Gee Juve had a capital investment from their parent company which covered their losses plus gave a little bit of a piggy bank for these types of signings. By all means the books aren’t great and we will see some big changes with expiring contracts not being renewed or at a lesser value. I also expect some sales and if Ramsey doesn’t leave a buy out which while it will be a loss, it would be less then paying him the length of his contract.

  5. I am happy to see Vlahovic come, but as I am being realistic, expectations have to be looked at in a sensible manner. This addition will not make any difference for us short term as there is no midfield. Remember when we had CR7. All the goals were burdened on one man. Vlahovic is going to be asked to do the same thing, but he and nobody is CR7. Only prime Messi could reach those heights and more. Unless the midfield changes and we get new full backs, nothing will change.

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