Vlahovic admits he is not entirely happy with his first year at Juventus

Juventus striker Dusan Vlahovic admits 2022 ‘could have been better’ although the Bianconeri have time to recover: ‘Anything can happen.’

The Serbia international spoke to TNT Sports Brasil hours before the kick-off of Benfica-Juventus.

The ex-Fiorentina forward joined the Bianconeri on a permanent €80m deal this past January helping the Bianconeri earn a top-four finish in 2021-22.

“I want to do more every day, I want to improve. One can always improve and I want to be better than the day before,” he said when asked to describe his 2022.

“I think we could have done better, 2022 could have been better on a personal and team level,” he continued.

“Now it is important to keep calm and lucidity and think one game at a time. The season has just started, and anything can happen. We are focused on the work, we must be calm and we’ll see what happens.

“I’ve felt integrated since the first day, everyone has made everything to make me feel at ease, from players to directors. The most experienced players have helped me massively, and I’ve become a friend of many of them. I feel lucky.”

Juventus won two consecutive Serie A games for the first time this season and will face Benfica in a key Champions League clash tonight.

The Serie A giants will be eliminated from the group stage if they fail to snatch a win in Lisbon. Even if they get all three points in the remaining two games against the Portuguese side and PSG (next week), they will be knocked out if their direct rivals beat Maccabi Haifa.

“Benfica are a great team, it will be tough, especially in Portugal. The atmosphere is always nice and we must give our all. Details decide games, we must be careful about everything,” said Vlahovic about tonight’s game.

The 22-year-old reunited with his compatriot Filip Kostic in the summer.

“I was happy when he arrived. It’s easier for me to play with a compatriot. He has settled in well, I hope I’ve helped him off the pitch so he could only focus on football.”

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  1. They are playing for Europa League. If they don’t get one point out of these two final games, they will miss Europa League too. Even with a point they may miss out. And then they will have nothing to play for this year, awful for a team of their pedigree. At least if they make third place and go far in the Europa League, they can restore some pride.

  2. CALMAAA!!!

    He could have picked North London Boys Academy now on fire. Instead he chose to study for a degree in hexagonomics with yours truly PhD Max.

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