Video: why Mourinho stormed out of post-match press conference

by | Sep 27, 2021 08:07

There were reports José Mourinho had argued with a few journalists after the Derby della Capitale, but the reason why he didn’t hold a post-match press conference is that he didn’t accept Lazio’s policy for post-match pressers.

LaLazioSiamoNoi reported Mourinho had argued with Sky Sport correspondent Angelo Mangiante, which prompted him to leave the conference room after Roma’s 3-2 defeat against Lazio in the derby della Capitale.

However, La Gazzetta dello Sport has published a video showing why the Special One didn’t hold his press conference after the match.

Mourinho storms out of press conference after Rome derby loss

The former Inter and Manchester United coach didn’t accept Lazio’s policy for post-match press conferences.

Since the COVID pandemic, the Biancocelesti don’t let newspaper and web journalists ask questions directly to the coaches, but reporters have to send the questions to a press officer who asks them to both sides’ coaches.

It’s a policy that many other clubs have adopted since the COVID pandemic to avoid having close contact between coaches and journalists.

In a video published by La Gazzetta dello Sport, you can see Mourinho arguing with a Lega Serie A delegate.

“Lazio chose for their coach, I want to talk to the press,” Mourinho said.

However, the Lega representative replied that he had to follow Lazio’s rules as the Biancocelesti were playing at home.

“Okay, okay, they’ll talk to him,” the Portuguese coach said while leaving.

Jose Mourinho annoyed

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  1. Burky

    And he is not feeling superior to the rules? Give me a break. Mourinho is a cancer for Roma. You can see all the signs.

    Lazio washed up his team hahaha

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