Video: Toronto FC fans greet new hero Insigne

Lorenzo Insigne has arrived in Canada, where he was greeted by cheering Toronto FC supporters ahead of his move to MLS.

The Napoli captain was a free agent, as his contract with the Partenopei was allowed to run down to June 30.

There will be a press conference on Monday, but Insigne landed in Toronto on Friday evening.

He is not the only Serie A player coming to Toronto FC, because Domenico Criscito also signed today after terminating his contract with Genoa by mutual consent.

11 Comments on “Video: Toronto FC fans greet new hero Insigne”

  1. Just call it what it is. Another Italian selling his soul. How many millions do you need to give up your heritage?

  2. @Villarusso who cares? He came off one of the best seasons in his career and ADL tried to cut his salary in half. Insigne easily could have went to another team in the Serie A for more money then what Napoli was offering. As a Napoli fan I wish he would have went to another European club but I’d much rather see him play in the MLS as one of the highest paid players in the world then playing for another Italian team.

  3. @Naples15

    Maybe if he’s had one of his best seasons it would be best for him to stay for the sake of keeping Italian football strong?

  4. There is barely any other profession that making a move that suits yourself and your family as “selling your soul”

    Not everything is amazing or terrible

    Sometimes people make decisions for a work life balance, for a change of scenery, to be happier, to raise a young family in a comfortable and interesting city that is new to them

  5. Naples15, I guarantee you there was no other club willing to pay more for him. 31 years old and hardly a game breaker. Berardi has better stats than him for the past 3 years and is 4 years younger and nobody wants to pay him.

  6. He did what was best for his family. Any person would do the same. He is helping to grow the sport in Canada. Giovinco is a legend in Toronto. Insigne will be too. There is a huge italian presence from immigrants from Italy to Toronto since the second war. Rhe italian community here is very excited! Forza TFC

  7. At one point, toronto had the largest Italian speaking community outside of italy… and Italian have been immigrating to toronto for a least a century.. not just after WWII.

    But yes, large wave came in the 50s and early 60s. recently a new wave (smaller) has arrived.

  8. Villarusso what r u talking about selling his soul how bout the politicians team owner and journalist selling italy out to foreign garbage do ur homework instead of talking nonsense it all starts at the top. Why don’t u complain about them rather then the players and these bootleg journalist all over italy.

  9. Insigne is not the answer to the TFC woes. Insigne is not Giovinco by any stretch of the imagination. The Napoli owner was right he is not worth the big bucks. That is why no other Italian team bought him. LOL

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