Video: Torino coach Juric and director Vagnati come to blows

Incredible video has emerged of the blazing row between Torino coach Ivan Juric and director of sport Davide Vagnati, which saw staff desperately try to stop them coming to blows during a screaming match.

Sportitalia reported there had been a row during Vagnati’s visit to the pre-season training camp in Austria today because the coach is furious at the lack of reinforcements on the transfer market.

Now video has emerged online about the extraordinary argument, which saw Vagnati screaming at Juric and trying to physically attack him, dragged away by a member of staff, believed to be Pietro Pellegri’s father, Marco, the Team Manager.

Vagnati was heard repeatedly shouting “don’t raise your voice to me, you have no respect! I defend you from everyone!”

Juric, meanwhile, largely stuck to shoving and telling Vagnati to “go **** yourself.”

In the final blows of the row, Vagnati could be heard shouting: “I always defend you from that ****-head,” perhaps referring to President Urbano Cairo, which raises a whole new set of questions.

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