Luciano Spalletti confirms Dries Mertens has left Napoli, along with Lorenzo Insigne, Kalidou Koulibaly and others, but assures ‘more will come, let us stay united’ amid protests from fans.

The coach spoke on stage at the Dimaro pre-season training camp and his comments were almost drowned out by protests, particularly one very angry supporter who heckled him repeatedly.

The reason was the exit of so many star names and Spalletti listed Mertens in amongst those who have left, suggesting negotiations to give him another contract have fallen apart.

“Some players have left and they take things with them, players like Ospina, Ghoulam, Koulibaly, Mertens, Insigne, so they take with them many things.

“Others – shut up! Others have arrived and bring with them new enthusiasm, more will come and bring with them more enthusiasm. Can someone shut that guy up, please?

“This is football. This is football, but what we cannot lose is your support and enthusiasm, because that is irreplaceable and cannot be bought.

“So let us stay united and Forza Napoli.”

The tension is growing on the day Koulibaly completed his transfer to Chelsea, as when mentioned by the host, President Aurelio De Laurentiis was loudly jeered.

6 thought on “Video: Spalletti confirms Mertens has left Napoli as angry fans heckle coach”
  1. In my view, it was a bad move to let Mertens go, but the bad move came from ADL, not Spalletti. Who now will be the eminence grise in the locker room, connecting the new Napoli of this season to the old Napoli that came so close to winning the Scudetto? ADL is soon going to be the most hated owner in European football, if he isn’t already.

  2. ADL is just a complete disgrace – what a fool, feel sorry for spaletti to have made this annoucement

  3. No one likes change, especially fans of Napoli, but they never could get to the top as they were and change is necessary to get younger and more competitive.Don’t know if it will work but as the expression goes “didn’t win with u and won’t win without you” . Sad for these great players who gave much but breaking up a beloved team is never easy. Adios.

  4. Incredible that Napoli have lost their player like Mertens, Insigne and Koulibaly..while no certain replacement till now.
    It is clear that most seria A clubs are suffering financial issue. Only Inter is a bit better than them, after profit on selling Lukaku last year and more income from prize money of round 16 UCL

  5. There is a real man of honour. To stand there and face the crown knowing there will be criticism and disharmony, and yet still be courageous enough to put across what he wanted to say. Most managers these days would soil their pants or just quickly run off.

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