Video: Nedved furious after Juventus defeat

by | Oct 28, 2021 08:20

Juventus vice-president Pavel Nedved was absolutely furious about the Old Lady’s defeat against Sassuolo and left the stands screaming at Andrea Agnelli.

Massimiliano Allegri’s side suffered a 2-1 loss at the Allianz Stadium on Wednesday and the Bianconeri are now 13 points off table leaders Milan.

It was Juventus’ second defeat in Turin this season.

Fair to say, Nedved was not impressed with the performance and the result as cameras caught his furious reaction in the final seconds of the game.

The former Ballon d’Or winner left the stands screaming and appeared to have a go at President Agnelli, who was smoking and didn’t react.

Juventus sit 7th in the Serie A table with 15 points in ten games. They visit Verona on Sunday and host Fiorentina in Turin before the November break.


  1. BlacknwhitefightersultraSgrulpostorico1977

    This video says everything. Agnelli is not up 4 being the president but Nedved is incapable as well. A champion on the field the complete opposite as a manager. Agnelli smokes instead of reacting now. They really think the team is good enough. Our midfield is the weakest position 4 years now. They should sell Arthur, bentancur, Kulusevski, de ligt bc hhis Manager is the fat prick raiola and will raise enough funds for other players. end the loan of morata, and please get some Arabs to buy that club. The whole elkann agnelli Ara is pure agony and should end now. All that bs started with changing our beloved logo into that stupid JJ weakening the team by selling the best players without replacing them and then buying Cr7. What a decease this this club transformed into. Get us back the triade!

  2. Nick


    Just missing his sidekick with this behavior, Paratici.

  3. Milan Fan

    Isn’t he acting that way all the time?

    One expects a little class from someone like him.

  4. allegricamp

    With Nedved as chief we’d still have Sarri as head coach.


  5. Muzaffar

    Ahhh you love to see it… I LOVE THIS GAME :p

  6. Rosario

    He literally behaves in this way every single game. That’s unless things are going their way. Usually it’s the referees who are on the end of his vitriol.

  7. rico

    it was him that makes marotta leave Juventus and get paratici instead

    now he’s angry to anybody for his mistake..

    he might be good footballer but not vice president material

  8. frankie

    Would love to know what he said to Agnelli as Nedved is not a fan of Allegri.

  9. Boori

    He was shouting at Andrea Agnelli and told him, you see the clown Allegri taking us no where, I told you to stick with Pirlo and give him another chance.

  10. Rosario

    Nedved : ” Casso non dare rigore”
    Agnelli : ” Se riuscissero ad entrare almeno in aerea”
    Nedved :” Allora fare area rigore fino a centrocampo”

  11. dario

    Nedved should have been shown the door years ago, he is a big part of the problem.

  12. Nick

    @Boori & @Rosario

    HAHAHA on spot!

  13. Rabiot masterclass

    I hope he got some warm milk with honey when he got home. Its ok Pavel, dry your eyes, cheer up, and go get a haircut.

  14. Michael

    He is always panicked every game in the stands. Lack of preparation in the recruitment side was always going to lead to erratic results. He should do the right thing and step down. New blood and fresh ideas is badly needed at the club.

  15. The soup nazi

    He won the Balon D’Or? Wow, I seem to have missed that one. Where were Zidane, Ronaldo and Figo?

  16. Ricky

    5th, 11th and last. A lot of people thought Henry should have won.

  17. joe del monte

    He was upset because he was late for his hair appointment

  18. Roy

    Need a Top Striker & another top MidFielder. Atleast bringback Rovella .. he’s a solid player.. doesn’t lose ball easily .. too much load on Loca, who looked gassed. Morata, Sandro, Bonucci very poor. Cuadrado looks lost, McKennie confused, Rabiot won’t shoot or score to empty net. Chiesa and Locatelli are being wasted in current positions. No style of play! Horrendous defending leading to 2nd Sassuolo goal! Sassuolo played well, excellent from Berardi ….

    Have to play 4312 … Chiesa wide in front 3 .. good for him, Juve and Italian National Team with last round of crucial WC Qualifiers due shortly! Dybala behind the front 2 …..

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