Jose Mourinho explains why the Conference League with Roma meant so much, is still fuming about the Europa League Final and wishes he could’ve ‘trained Daniele De Rossi and Francesco Totti.’

The Special One sat down with influencer Ohm and looked back over his career, but it is worth noting that when it was recorded, he had not yet been sacked by the Giallorossi.

“I have many great memories and many bad ones. If I have to choose one, I will go for the most recent. It might not be the most important trophy I have won, but considering the dimension of joy that it brought and because it was the closest, I will say the Conference League at Roma.

“There were many great things in my career, many fantastic games to remember, and it is impossible to choose just one or two.

“I also have many bad memories, such as losing two Champions League semi-finals on penalties, a Europa League Final lost on penalties because the referee had decided we could not win. There are plenty of bad memories.”

Mourinho was given a four-match UEFA ban for his repeated insults towards the referee after that Europa League defeat to Sevilla, including some that were shouted directly at him in the car park under the stadium.

The Portuguese boss was asked who he wishes he could’ve worked with in his career and named some greats.

“For example, I never got to train Lionel Messi, but then nobody can train Messi. It is absurd to think you could coach him, because he was born with everything and already knows everything. He might teach you some things. All you could say is that you had the honour of having him in your squad.

“To stay in the Roma theme, I would’ve liked to have De Rossi at Inter and Real Madrid, but it was not possible. I also wanted Totti at Inter, despite his age at the time, but it was not possible either. These are players I always wanted in my career.”

Curiously, after this interview was recorded, De Rossi took over from Mourinho as the coach of Roma.

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