Reports of new Chelsea offer for De Ligt

Chelsea are pushing to sign Matthijs de Ligt and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Blues have raised their offer for Juventus.

According to the report, Chelsea have offered €80m to sign the Netherlands international who has a €120m release clause included in his contract.

Chelsea saw a €40m bid rejected last week. Timo Werner or Christian Pulisic could have been included in the deal, but the Bianconeri rejected the Blues’ first offer.

Now, according to Gazzetta, the Old Lady has a new proposal on the table, while Il Corriere della Sera provides a different version of the transfer saga, claiming that Chelsea will soon make a new €70m bid.

The paper reports that Juventus want at least €80m, while Gazzetta claims the Bianconeri’s asking price is €90m.

De Ligt wants to leave Juventus in the summer, as confirmed by the club’s CEO Maurizio Arrivabene earlier this week.

The former Ajax captain joined the Serie A giants in an €85.5m deal in 2019.

13 Comments on “Reports of new Chelsea offer for De Ligt”

  1. Great! Let him leave for the right price.

    Now, perhaps Juve can use this as a chance to call up viable Italian youth from their youth sector.

    More Seria A teams should do the same.

    Good to know that Monza ownership and management share the view that Monza could become and remain Italian based.

  2. I have a feeling that Juve will under sell. Considering they bought him for more that will represent a loss. Not surprising as the club has been poorly managed ever since Marotta left. The other issue is replacements. Again the dumbest club in world football right now. Chiellini left and de Ligt is a real possibility. I doubt KK or Bremer will come. Better get Montero kitted out and while they are at it, ask Legrottaglie to come back. Credit to the Dutch Phil Jones for wanting out. It only took one season for him to run away from PhD Sun Tzu Max.

  3. My oppinion is that de Ligt didn’t get his best performance at Juve and it seems to me that he didn’t learned to much with the best pair of defence since Baresi and Maldini, Bonucchi amd Chillini. So, it is good for Juve to sell him as soon as posible and buy two central backs and a winger.

  4. Juve just bought him in the wrong time
    2019 and directly after that, the world are changed
    Now juve has to reduce their loss by at least sell him in the same price they’ve just paid for him

  5. Get rid of him asap. 1. Doesn’t show loyalty, and 2. Is an accident in the defense box. It’s bizarre how teenage Bianconeri supposed fans talk of Dybala. That guy is a top-10 goal scorer for us and never wanted to leave. Unless his knees or ankles weren’t working, he was on the pitch doing what no one else did for us. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!. And this frickin nonsensical ‘Don’t go to Inter but [email protected] your career needs to be put to rest. I feel we deserve mercenaries such as De Ligt and fully don’t deserve the likes of Dybala. We are essentially doomed.

  6. We should accept only 120mln or 80mln plus werner its should be enough, and arivederci dutch blonde

  7. As a Juve fan from day one of 1991 and on going, over the years Juve’s board have no idea what they are doing and I also agree that it be a good idea to have more of more of a Monza team in terms of giving more Italian youth players a chance to play be great to see more Italian players as Juve once had anyone remember 1996 when Juve had great Italian players playing.

  8. 80m euros is a loss for juve, so they better get 90m the bare minimum – or 70m plus jorginho

    You were the one who denied any offers from Chelsea a few days ago
    now you’re not happy with 80m

  10. @DX, 100%. 85m was way overpriced to begin with. Thanks to clubs like Chelsea (OG), City and PSG, player prices and salaries have been inflated for the last 15 years. De Ligt should have been no more than 30-40m coming out of Ajax.

    @Mohammed, 80m would probably NOT be a loss for Juventus, since you’re not taking into account two years of “depreciation”. Not exactly sure where the threshold would be at the moment, but probably somewhere around 75m, so 80m would not book a loss. Still, a bad piece of business for Juventus since they overpaid to begin with.

    @Many wise guys, release clauses have a couple of purposes: 1. Creating a baseline value for a player, 2. Giving a player an out in the event his value (performance) were to increase to the point his club would as an unrealistic amount to sell, 3. Given the aforementioned it creates a point at which the owning club would be willing to sell if a buying club would offer the price. Essentially release clauses tend to benefit the player and is the type of clause that is either requested by the player or offered by the club to get a player to sign. Obviously Juventus thought they were buying a 85m Euro defender that would improve to a 120-150m defender, meaning that without this clause they could have asked for anything in that range or higher. De Ligt and his entourage also probably thought this and asked for a release clause at 120m to avoid getting trapped at the club. The reality is that he wants to leave and despite this clause if Juve don’t sell now he won’t renew his deal and in a couple of years will walk away. If anything a release clause is just another point of departure for negotiations, unless a buying club offers it.

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