Milan mocked the arrival Kanye West at the Inter-Atletico Madrid match by presenting a host of their own very special and famous guests – in the same unique outfit.

The controversial rapper attended last night’s Champions League game at San Siro, we are assured, as it was difficult to tell considering he was covered from head to toe in black cloth that also covered his face.

He was accompanied by fellow rappers Playboi Carti and Rich The Kid.

Milan’s social media team on TikTok decided to have a little fun with the incident by releasing a video of ‘stars’ like Dua Lipa, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Gerard Depardieu attending the club headquarters with the same face covering – who are we to doubt them?

It is not the first time Kanye West has attended an Inter match and it seems he is becoming quite the fan, as the Corriere della Sera newspaper notes he included samples of chants from their ultras in two of his songs, specifically Stars and Carnival.

He is in Italy at the moment for a concert in Bologna on February 23.

3 thought on “Video: Milan mock Kanye West outfit at Inter match”
  1. Inter Ultras should not be flattered by attention from Kanye West. He sadly has devolved into a divisive, hateful caricature of the uniquely talented artist he once was.

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