Video: McKennie horrifies Juventus teammates with culinary ideas

by | Nov 25, 2021 19:08

Weston McKennie has done nothing to help the Italian view of Americans and their approach to food, shocking Juventus teammates with his culinary choices.

The USMNT midfielder arrived in Turin during the summer of 2020 and was captured in the Bianconeri canteen by cameras for the Amazon Prime show All or Nothing: Juventus.

As Americans sit down today to eat their Thanksgiving dinner, be grateful that McKennie is in Italy and not allowed to cook anything.

Giorgio Chiellini is suitably horrified by his suggestions of cookies and brownies in pasta, or ranch dressing on a pizza – something possibly even worse than pineapple.

As for his reaction to Italian espresso, the less said about that, the better.

epa09549478 Juventus? Weston McKennie celebrates after scoring the 1-1 equalizer during the Italian Serie A soccer match Juventus FC vs USS Sassuolo Calcio at Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy, 27 october 2021. EPA-EFE/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO



    McKennie seems like an easily likeable guy.

    After couple of weeks in Chicago I have to agree, Ranch tastes AMAZING and makes everything taste better.

    Most probably NOT healthy and NOT recommended for top athletes LOL!

  2. Dazziano Colucci

    I’m sorry but what the hell is this guy even doing at Juventus? Just shows how bad Juve’s recruitment has been the last few years. Typical American, knows nothing of good food and has no class. When you consider the money teams like Atalanta and Milan currently spend on players and the scouting and recruitment policy now in place at these clubs it makes Juventus even more archaic in there processes and quite frankly there a joke. It’s about time they wiped the decks clean and evolve, cos buying success isn’t gonna work for them anymore. Nevermind the fact it’s not the way forward, it’s also increasing there ever growing dept. Mccennie or whatever his name is has a diet which is a mirror image of the current Juventus team and transfer/business policy, a disgusting mess!

  3. U serious?

    The clown writing essays on Weston, and talking trash on Americans

    The only one without class is you

  4. Justin

    ranch on pizza is disgusting nothing wrong with pineapple on pizza when paired with a nice ham

  5. Human

    Well understand he is only craving after all he is human, I am sure Juventus knows what to serve in canteen for players, we can’t blame a human to crave for the food he or she is grown up eating, and he did not complain about Italian coffee he said he can’t stomach expresso and that he gets stomach upset. I think we can look at a positive side also. This series gives us fans a chance to know our team little better they are being open so let’s not look at it negatively and discourage them. We all love Juve and that’s constant.

  6. Feroli

    @Justin – if you put pineapple on a pizza in Italy you’d have the local Camorra wanting a word.

  7. Louch

    Non e da Juve sorry. What a joke.

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