Video: Maxime Lopez celebrates goal against Juventus like Cristiano Ronaldo

by | Oct 28, 2021 09:04

Sassuolo starlet Maxime Lopez celebrated his late winner against Juventus at the Allianz Stadium like Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Neroverdi won the first game in history at the Allianz Stadium thanks to a late goal from the 23-year-old.

The Frenchman made the most of a cross-field pass from Domenico Berardi and beat Mattia Perin with a chip finish.

He celebrated running towards the right corner of the kick and once he got there, he imitated Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic celebration.

The Portuguese star had spent three seasons in Turin scoring 101 goals in 134 appearances.

He left Turin in the summer, making his return to Manchester United.


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  1. Abdul Azim

    Piss taker

  2. tony

    Grande Maxime, even the opponents are mocking the average club of Europe

  3. Jon

    Funny guy though 🙂

  4. frankie

    This guy was lucky to have stayed on the field after his bad tackle on Chiesa. Had it been a Juventus player and Juve had won, there would have been a huge controversy with ADL from Napoli demanding the VAR tapes of all Juventus games. What a joke of a league we have become.



    Love McKennie too in the picture. Sliding tackle about 15 minutes too late. Great player, great buy.

  6. mal di testa

    @frankie the ref probably didn’t want to add more material to the VAR controversies


    Ant it worth to mention that the assist was from Berardi, a guy who should have seen the 2nd yellow card many times before that pass. Your point exactly, if it would have been Juve’s players, there would have been cataclysmic, a storm of controversy, against Juve is just… water under the bridge. Shameful, really!


    Napoli president ADL is the worest enemy of Juventus have. So he always jealous about Juventus by taking her 9 consucative title his Napoli team never ever won even one squdato hhhhhhhhhhhh


    I am Juve fan and i am happy this bad defeat. Because Last night all the players made constant errors.
    The bad thing they made was handed the captain umbrand to Dyballa, he has no lucky to win when he wore the captancy so Allegri should elect new vice captain in the team quickly

  10. Juve is a Joke

    Lol suck that juve fans! You’ll get eliminated from Coppa, get destroyed in Super Coppa, wont even finished in big 4, will get trashed by REAL BIG BOYS in ucl.

    Conference league is your place. Perhaps you can buy the referees there too.

  11. shamnad

    cr7 is not the “added value”, actually he is the “only value” they have ..hahha

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