Video: Maldini challenges Inter – Milan will get to 20 titles first

by | May 23, 2022 11:20

Milan director Paolo Maldini has set a challenge to city rivals Inter over who will get to 20 Serie A titles first.

The Rossoneri went level with Inter when they claimed their 19th Scudetto on Sunday and a 20th would mean a second star above the badge on their jerseys.

And, when it was put to Maldini on the TV show Che Tempo Fa, that they had equalled Inter’s overall haul, the Rossoneri director said: “We will get the second star first.”

As a player, Maldini won the Scudetto on seven occasions as a Milan player.


  1. Lucas

    Milan just pulled of a leicester.

  2. Stefan

    Lucas that is one of the most ignorant pathetic comment I have ever seen on here. EITHER you are a bitter Inter fan or a glory hunting premier league one but either way you have no idea about serie a.

  3. Vinnie

    No, Lucas, they did not. The similarities end with there being a trophy involved. The way in which it came, the clubs’ pedigree…nah. Not the same thing

  4. Sanjay

    Lucas – Milan has pulled off a “Leicester” 19 times though. You might want to re-think it…

  5. gee

    Can someone tell me where I can find that Interista FERBAN culo please, I have been waiting all season for him?

    He seems to have disappeared.

  6. Flavio Amado

    Will have difficult to fluke another title, Paolo.

  7. Flavio Amado

    Will be* difficult to fluke another title, Paolo.



    salty my friend? there’s no fluke in Milan‘s glory.

  9. Dominick

    Champions this year and next .

  10. Dominick

    Champions this year and Next


    The only real fluke was that Inter only fell short by 2 points… it should have been at least 6 if not more if we hadn’t received an incredible amount of dumbfounding refereeing mistakes this year…. I cant even remember the last penalty we scored.

    Think about that and lets go again next year …. fluke!? Ma fammi u piacere


    The only Fluke was Inter only falling short by a couple of points as if we hadn’t been on the receiving end of some genuinely incredible refereeing decisions this season we would have been out of site by April.

    So think about that and let’s go again next season…….. Fluke!? ma fammi’nu’piacere!!

    cmq Grazie Callah e Grazie Gigio….. but most of all Grazie Radu 🙂

  13. Kayfabu

    U r very stupid Flavio for calling Milan‘s scudeto fluke,u must b mad for dat,dis is a scudeto well deserved and. well won.

  14. Mursal

    Ac Milans glory title will end 19 seria A title and The Dreams will end 19 glory title i promise next club to win will be juve or inter milan so you have now Paulo

  15. SunNy

    Milan had come very close in the last couple of seasons! Well done and well deserved

  16. DB Milan

    Lets do it Paolo. I have now sobered up and I’m ready to help in any way I can. I can help with fluking another 30+ games next season.

  17. Kris

    ACM will surely have a second star before Inter, and also another CL and the 8th before Juventus 2nd. LMAO

  18. InterFan75

    Inter and Milan will wait long time for 20th title.

  19. M


    You won this beautiful title and you are still looking into your rival’s garden….instead of just being happy that you are champions…

    Why don’t you challenge Jube? shared the same ‘glory’ some time ago…

    Forza Inter!

  20. Anthony

    Inter+ Milan = Juventus 38 champions ( -2 were stolen from us by Inter).

  21. All-Inter

    Good luck paolo but miracles happen only once every 3 decades thats why they are miracles. With the players milan has it would take another miracles for them to win the scudetto again unless they sign 5 great players. Of all milan players only 3 of them would fit in Inter or juve’s starting lineup.

  22. All-Inter

    Milan won the title because Inter let it awy cheply and it won’t happen again

  23. 1MIKEJ

    Best team in the league won, strongest defence, strongest midfield, we will improve the offence then no one will stop us for a long time, one of the youngest squads in Europe, teams around us are broke, we are about to get new owner that wants to make a statement, things are looking very good indeed.

  24. Tom

    Who cares is serie a win a champions league

  25. papa_frezz

    Got to love the bitter blues. If you had the better team then I suggest you bin off your Lazio scum manager, ’cause you lost!

  26. Flavio Amado


    Fluke win against Lazio after Tonali foul, fluke win against Inter after Giroud foul, fluke win against Fiorentina after gk mistake, fluke win against Atalanta after Kalulu foul…

  27. Francesco

    It was a one off wonder season because Inter lost their coach and best players and juve sucked, Milan will finish 3rd or 4th next season, so enjoy your last trophy in a while.

  28. Flavio Amado


    The audacity you have. Refereeing decisions huh… how did Milan beat Inter? Giroud foul. How did Milan beat Napoli? Tomori foul on Osimhen. How did Milan beat Roma? Tonali foul on Zaniolo. How did Milan beat Atalanta? Kalulu foul on Pessina

  29. Milan Fan

    @ Anthony

    Now be a good sport and do the count for the Champions League trophies.

    Here’s a hint : You won’t be able to match Milan‘s glory even if you stack up Juve’s+Inter‘s trophy haul.

  30. Nigerian Milan

    No wonder you are called @Tom you shouldn’t be hear come-on go look for Jerry and start making children laugh, only Madrid has more champions league title than great Milan

  31. Rosso

    now hitting each other again eh? I”d settle for Gee’s comment. The best of the halfdozen call out for Ferban

  32. Gre-No-Li

    SHinter fans are so pathetic crybabies, such nauseating idiots, they make me sick. I can respect a Juventus fan, but the Merdi? Please…

    As for the GREAT Milan, the new owners will reinforce the squad and well be back even stronger next season, you we’ll see.

  33. Sani

    Milan should have more than 2 points lead from that 2nd placed team.
    Referees and VAR were not working really well, cost us a lot.

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