A video that has become viral on social media shows a Lazio fan racially abusing Inter defender Denzel Dumfries, so many are calling for a ban from stadiums.

With fans returning in stadiums, racism cases have multiplied in Italy.

The last one comes from the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, where cameras caught a Lazio fan allegedly targeting Dumfries with monkey chants.

Thousands of users have shared the video, with many calling Lazio to ban their supporter.

There was a similar case at Florence’s Artemio Franchi before the break two weeks ago, with Napoli centre-back Kalidou Koulibaly called monkey by a supporter in the Curva Fiesole.

Police and Fiorentina identified the fan with the Tuscans who want to ban him from their stadium for life.

7 thought on “Video: Dumfries racially abused by Lazio fan”
  1. Hopefully as these cases are brought to public attention, and action is taken, others who might have done the same will think better of it.

  2. Here we go again! Whats the point of having fans if this happens again and again! Lotito, do something immediately!!

  3. Nobody cares about racism in Italy and clubs won`t care, either, until real measures are being taken. Hit them where it hurts them, close down that section for at least 1 home match. Otherwise it`s just political BS

  4. so is this the reason that Inter blew a 1-0 lead and lost 3-1 ? I THINK NOT ! But Don’t worry because you got Sheriff next, the Pot 4 team facing the Pot 1 team Inter …..gee, i wonder who is crapping their pants right now 🙂

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