Inter and Chile international midfielder Arturo Vidal is making waves on social media after a video emerged of him seemingly so drunk he couldn’t get into his car.

La Gazzetta dello Sport notes the video was taken on August 18, which was three days before Inter’s opening Serie A fixture against Genoa.

It’s not clear why the clip has gone viral now, almost two months later.

The video was taken by some women on a balcony onto the street below, where his high-powered red sports car was parked.

After posing with some fans for pictures, Vidal tried to get into the car, but ended up rolling over on the back of it with his legs in the air instead.

He eventually, with a little help, managed to manoeuvre himself into the passenger seat, albeit initially facing the wrong way.

The women filming the video can be heard laughing and saying: “He can’t even stand up.”

Vidal has never disguised his penchant for a party and is not new to unfortunate scenes when off duty.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports Inter are aware of the incident and had already discussed it with the player in August.

8 thought on “Video goes viral of drunk Vidal antics”
  1. @InterFan75… so Inzaghi needs to add drinking routines in his training sessions just 3 days before any crucial game 😛

  2. Really is that it? wow it does not much to make a scandal these days. If he was that drunk he would not have been able to stop himself falling off the back of the car when his legs were in the air.

  3. Number of people physically assaulted during this incident, 0. Number of racial epithets uttered, 0. Number of cars damaged due to drunk driving, 0. Number of scratches to a beautiful red convertible Ferrari, a couple (don’t think his pants were silk). So yeah, a non-story…was a danger to nothing but his car’s paint job. I think he learned his lesson from his 2015 crash and did the right thing by getting a ride instead of chancing it. “making waves” my arse, such stupid melodrama.

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