Video: Dybala reacts as Juventus fans tell him ‘don’t join Inter’

Paulo Dybala was seen smiling while Juventus fans told him: ‘Please don’t join Inter.’

The Argentinean striker won’t extend his stay at the Allianz Stadium as the Old Lady has decided against extending his expiring contract. Inter are believed to be in pole position to sign him as a free agent in July, but his agent denied on Wednesday that any sort of agreement has been reached with the Nerazzurri.

Borussia Dortmund make offer for Dybala

Dybala took some time to sign autographs for Juventus fans before today’s training session at Continassa and all of them were saying the same thing to La Joya: ‘Please don’t join Inter’ and ‘Why are you going to Inter?’

The 28-year-old continued to sign autographs and smiled at them without saying a word. Il Corriere dello Sport reported this morning that Borussia Dortmund have made an offer to sign him, but the Argentinean is in no rush to decide on his future.

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  1. All I will say is he must have the dumbest agent on planet earth. So he wanted more money and could have it in the Premiership, but he knows he would tank in the more physical and demanding league. I think Lukaku showed him how a one trick pony performs. He will go to Inter for less money and achieved what exactly? If he was smarter he would wait to see what Investcorp or maybe Red Bird has to offer Milan but this shows why Raiola was king of agents. At least he got more money for his clients despite not always having their best interests (Donnarumma).

  2. I honestly can not understand Juventus fan’s problems.. You guys refused to extend his contract, ask him to leave because of his injuries and yet worried about him joining your Rival..Juve fans always have a lot to cry about and they are the ones that’s been taking their rivals best players over the years.
    He would be much welcome at AC Milan

  3. Juventus did not keep their word and betrayed him with the contract extension.

    Dybala is free like a bird to go and play anywhere he wants.

  4. Go to Inter and make them even more bankrupt. You’re welcome to him. Bonucci is catching his goal tally for the season…

  5. I’m biased because I don’t like Juve but even a neutral can objectively see that Juve have done him dirty.

  6. @SArcone great to see you posting again and very refreshing to see you are on the ball with your analysis. You are quite right buddy. If he goes to Inter then that is okay as it is life, things happen and everyone is free to make their choice, but to take the lowest offer is pure genius from a business level. Maybe I should ask my boss or a new employer if they can pay me less then what I earn now for the same work lol.

  7. Tbh. he would be a sensational addition to Milan. At Inter there is fierce competition in that role. At Milan he could play either as a RW or the nr 10 role. Hope he joins the rossoneri! Forza Milan! Sempre!

  8. Good one, Eduardo. Juventus fans crying over a guy who misses most of the season and scores 8 goals. Of course, I wish him well but you’re buying the Ramsey of attackers.

  9. Juventus used to have the best core set of Italian players in Serie A, They now refuse to give youngsters a chance and the loyal players such as Dybala and Del Piero are dumped buy the club! I’m a Juventus fan and if Dybala is leaving let him go to what ever club wants him, if he comes back to haunt Juve then so be it soon enough management will realize the mistakes they are making. We should have kept Pirlo as manager and never let Kulusevski go, its the tactics and coach that are an issue along with Ronaldo, we have got rid of Ronaldo lets see sense and get rid of Allegri too!

  10. Either he’s a pure evil sociopath, or he knows all those Inter rumours are nothing but amusing nonsense. I’m thinking it’s option 2

  11. Who care of him will join which team next season? Even go to inter is a good option (maybe for him) then just go there

    Anyway he can’t win the trophies alone like messi or ronaldo or maradona in the past

    Dybala just a player with some positive in attributes like many other players

    So good luck for him next season and in the next club

  12. LA Jolla. Thanks for your service in help win Serie As. But you aren’t THAT special for the club to revolve around you (remember the CL finals where you didn’t show up). Please go where ever you want to. Peace!

  13. @LUIGI: Juventus have broken their word and did not even offer him less!

    And somehow their fans still defend this kind of management… It was the club that betrayed Dybala, not the other way around.

  14. Juve don’t show loyalty. And now they have a tabacco salesman trying to cover up the mismanagement of Agnelli and Nedved.

  15. Dybala asked for 10 Juve offered 8 re rejected because he meant he was better. Nowbitbseems he accepts 6 from Inter. Thats a traitor in my opinion.

  16. Dybala can go wherever he wants to go. Juve was good not to renew his contract. Time for Juve to look for more productive and profitable players.

    Forza Juve!!

  17. @Clown What word? Were you involved in the negotiations? Time after time, Juve renewed with Dybala and gave him the 10 shirt. Juve management and fans have shown nothing but respect for him so don’t owe him anything… He was paid very handsomely so there’s nothing else to add. An 8 goals per season attacker is not what Juve need right now.

  18. He is not enough to play in Spain or England. Too slow, he would get utterly destroyed by the pace and physique in the PL.

    Staying in Italy means going to Milan or inter, the likes of Napoli or the Rome clubs are beneath him. Milan didn’t want him so inter it is.

  19. @juve forever this is not traitor this is plain stupid. His agent is total dumb, he should have secured him a new deal deal early on before turning the cold shoulder at Juve. Now he knows Dybala is not a hot catch as he expected. None of the top european clubs came running to grab him. I guess Juve were right offloading him, his return and impact on their game is diminishing at a very rapid rate. He is hardly someone who can turn games for them, and he is hardly fit. He disappeared most of the times during the games he played this season, even against smaller clubs. So better for juve to play with 11 players rather than 10.5 or 10

  20. @Juve forewer: that`s not true, check the facts. Juventus never actually offered 8M! They said it would be “discrespectful” LOL

    @Fatecisognare: read the statements from Arrivabene. They have promised Dybala new contract worth 10M, everything was agreed and then broke their word! Changed their mind and spent everything on Vlahovic and his agent. No surprise that gentlemen`s agreement is worth noting in that side of Turin 😉

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