Video: Clashes between Napoli and Leicester City fans

by | Sep 16, 2021 22:41

There were clashes between Napoli ultras and Leicester City fans before and after the 2-2 Europa League draw.

Simone Guadagno of CalcioNapoli24 shared video of the ugly scenes as supporters had running battles in the street outside De Montfort University before kick-off.

They were seen using belts and chairs as makeshift weapons.

Europa League | Leicester City 2-2 Napoli: Osimhen comeback king

There were not meant to be any Napoli ultras travelling for this game due to COVID restrictions, but some managed to either make the trip or came from other countries.

The problems continued inside the King Power Stadium, as after the final whistle, local police formed a cordon to push back Napoli supporters who were celebrating the comeback from 2-0 down to draw 2-2.

According to local reporters, the incidents started when Leicester fans threw plastic bottles at the Napoli supporters, trying to breach the segregation line.

Napoli fans Leicester


  1. John smith

    That’s complete rubbish,
    It was the Italians throwing allsorts in the Leicester end,
    And using belts rather than fists to fight

  2. Chris

    Neapolitan is a nationality within itself, I agree with Bob. The only Italian club I’ve ever heard of where the fans would cheer the players in the stadium and then try to rob them for their car or burgle their houses. I feel uneasy whenever I go to watch a Milan Napoli game, even when the security is good.

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