Video: Bonucci shoves Inter staff member after Supercoppa defeat

by | Jan 12, 2022 23:35

Leonardo Bonucci clashed with a member of Inter staff on the touchline after Juventus lost the Supercoppa Italiana to Inter in extra time.

According to, it was Inter secretary Cristiano Mozzillo who was shoved by Bonucci near the benches at San Siro.

Inter won the trophy with an Alexis Sanchez goal in the final seconds of extra time, sealing a 2-1 result after a Weston McKennie header and Lautaro Martinez penalty.

Supercoppa | Inter 2-1 Juventus aet: Alexis Sanchez last-gasp winner

Bonucci had been on the touchline waiting to come on as a substitute purely so he could take a penalty in the shoot-out, with Sport Mediaset reporting the Juventus staff were urging their players to give away a free kick so he’d be introduced.

However, it didn’t get that far, as Alexis Sanchez pounced on the Alex Sandro error to score at the 120th minute.

Seeing the plan collapse in front of his eyes and the Inter staff celebrate right beside him, Bonucci turned and appeared to shove Mozzillo.


  1. V.itellO

    This player is shameless , never stops to wonder , dirty personality!


    Blame donkey Max, only a clown coach would try to bring a player on with 5 seconds to go.

  3. ND

    Lo stilo juve…
    only Chiellini acted like a leader

  4. Boom

    Fine and suspend him I say.

  5. Tom

    What kind of nonsense is this supercup is a cup …do you know how many supercup Juve have won ..we don’t need that just focus on Villarreal and beat them home are way we are happy ….CL is important

  6. Alle

    Bonucci as I hear is still at Meazza and waiting to take a penalty.

  7. Rosario

    There is always two sides to the story. The masked guy seemed to be saying something before he is shoved. Still as we stated poetically in the curva….only schettino is worse than bonucci.


    Bonucci still waiting to get subbed on is what I hear.

  9. asian fans

    Bonucci miss the bus as I hear

  10. Samy IBrahim

    Inter Fans, Celebrating a plastic tilte they won cuz of a fake penalty and an home advantage nobody understands. But yeah, Juve are the criminals. Joke of a club and fans.

  11. ilyas

    If Juve do well in CL and finish top four in Serie A I’ll be happy 😊


    Rumour has it that the Inter guy was only trying to compliment Bonucci by saying he played a great game.

    No reason to get mad-

  13. Chris

    I haven’t seen the incident but regardless I don’t feel anything can justify this.


    Same old, same old… We`ve all witnessed how Chiellini is immune to yellow cards during the game, and we`ll see how Bonucci is immune to suspensions.

    Even during Mancini`s era, Inter only managed to win when their squad was superior of the combined forces of the juBentus group (team + management + refs).


    The nerve of some juBentus fans will never stop do amaze me…. most of them are dirty and shameless just like their club has proven to be.

    @Samy IBrahim: if you want to talk about penalties, how can you explain that at 0-0 Barella was not awarded that crystal clear penalty?! Just because Doveri is Chiellini`s buddy? Better learn how to lose with dignity, dark times are coming for you.

  16. Lynchy

    @The clown above, you are Mr Dignity since you’ve been used to losing for so many years.

  17. DB Milan

    Don’t know why Bonucci shoved him. He only asked if Leo wanted to go to Inter next season and then return to Juve with his tail between his legs.

    Seriously though he should be fined at least. You can’t shove another clubs secretary because he celebrates a win near you. Childish stuff.

  18. asian fans

    He should be mad, because the bus has been parked for 2 hours and he still missed it

  19. Uncle Z

    As Juve fan I have to admit Inter deserved the win. De Sciglio should have known not to be so naive as Dzeko was going nowhere.

    The less said about Sandro the better. Dude is a clown and could not even get a job as local dog catcher.

    3 more hard years of this as Allegri is too outdated. Locatelli playing literally as a defender infuriates me as he needs to be higher up the field. Arthur is just too slow and Kulu has no mentality to play for us.

    Inter are the best team in Italy now but cycles come and new ones begin. Perhaps Milan will enter one very soon.

  20. Jacob

    Dear Inter fans. I love to read all you comments here. Really shows how low self esteem you have. Always talking about Juve, even when you win. You like the fat ugly girl that finally gets laid, but knows it will never last, so she starts crying right after.


    Oh Jacob

    You forgot your beloved club is called the old lady

    Shameless club deserves shameless fans like yourself

    Now to wipe all your salty tears and crawl back to your hole

    Welcome to the new 0 trophy area

  22. Samy Ibrahim

    Won a title in 9 years and are relevant for one year and are talking about juve winning nothing. New Level of stupidty reached by inter fans

  23. boh!

    Bonucci looks like Niagara Falls with all those tears – hilarious!

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