Video: Balotelli gets his revenge against Besiktas coach with controversial celebration

by | Sep 22, 2021 09:26

Mario Balotelli is making headlines with his controversial goal celebration after scoring against Besiktas’ coach Sergen Yalcin, who said the striker had ‘no brain.’

The former Inter, Milan and Manchester City striker scored one goal in Adana Demirspor’s 3-3 draw against Besiktas last night.

Vincenzo Montella’s side got away with one point, but it was once again the 31-year-old to make headlines, not just for his long-range goal, but also for his controversial celebration.

Balotelli scored a scorcher from outside the box and, just as he saw the ball in the net, he ran towards the Besiktas’ coach Sergen Yalcin who, a few years back, had said the Italian striker had ‘no brain.’

Mario seems to have a quite good memory as he shouted to the coach while pointing his head twice before making his way to the middle of the pitch.

Balotelli posted the video of his goal and celebration on his Instagram account using a heart and a brain emoji.

The 31-year-old moved to Turkey on a permanent deal as a free agent and has two goals in six appearances so far.


  1. Rosario

    Am I missing something? Other players have been a lot more ‘controversial’ with their celebrations over the years. All Balo is doing is pointing at his head…hardly ‘controversial’.

  2. Jon

    Correct Rosario

    He set off fireworks, couldn’t wear a bib and had a fight with Mancini. I always thought his every discretion was hyped as he was a successful black Italian (European) player.

    Rooney cheated on his pregnant wife with a hooker

    John Terry made his best mates gf pregnant and called anton the n word

    Gerrard assaulted someone in a bar.

  3. Vittorio

    Hopefully, He will continue scoring and improving with the added intention to make himself worthy of consideratikn back into the Nazilnale.

  4. Nick

    Great celebration!! Need more of these.

    But lets not get distracted here by that good banter…the headline could have been
    “Super Mario uses his brain and scores a rocket!”. We have every right to focus more on his football, and that goes for all players, but perhaps Super Mario more so.

    Vittorio…that would be wonderful. I know Mancio hasn’t forgotten him but he just needs to do his bit, consistently.

  5. MalDinis heir

    Rosario and Jon glad to see you’ve got it covered. Completely agree. And it’s disgraceful that Football Italia are getting in on the act.

  6. Nick

    Forgot to say @Jon…spot on, good to bring that to the fore.

    Mario isn’t in their (low) “class”.

  7. Dan

    @ Football Italia
    Nothing controversial about this from Balo at all. Stop with the clickbait headlines, you can do better than that!

  8. Gt

    Why, always him. Leave him alone.

  9. SL

    See no problem at all with that, I would have done the same to that was.

  10. Milanista


    Completely agree with the clickbait headlines.

    Recently I’ve noticed more and more news with misleading headlines. I’m already on the FT page, so you’ve got me hooked already, I don’t need / want to be mislead. Just give me the news guys, independent and with no bias.

    Editor of FT – please have a word with your staff. This is important to Italian football fans. We don’t want ‘fake news’ just give us the news and facts, plain and simple…

  11. hESAM

    come on. leave him alone. you and your shallow journalism! this is nothing compared to the nonesense you write as HIGHLY SOPHISTICATED JOURNALISM!!!!!

  12. SL

    @Dan. 100%

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