Video: Allegri-Vlahovic shooting challenge during Juventus’ training session

Juventus trained in front of their fans today and, among the things spotted at Continassa, there was a shooting challenge involving Max Allegri and Dusan Vlahovic.

The Bianconeri secured a top-four finish over the weekend following their 2-1 win over Venezia and Roma‘s 0-0 draw at home at Bologna.

Allegri’s men trained at Continassa in the morning, preparing for Friday’s game against Genoa.

Mattia De Sciglio and Juan Cuadrado were seen training apart from the group, while Luca Pellegrini picked up a knock from Alvaro Morata during a drill and left the pitch limping.

Allegri challenged Vlahovic in a shooting practice after the training session and took some time to speak with the Serbian star before returning to the dressing room.

6 Comments on “Video: Allegri-Vlahovic shooting challenge during Juventus’ training session”

  1. Aw this isn’t a good omen haha!!! Remember he did this to Gabriel whilst at Milan. Highlighted his goalkeeping deficiencies. I don’t think Gabriel ever recovered. Not a good omen for the serbian andy carroll.

  2. Rosario, Why so many bbiblian and shinta trolls on a juve Page? Mad cuz he didnt join ur irrelevant Club?

  3. @samy

    A. This is not a juve page B. Let’s see how well you recover upcoming years. For now you are 4th (at best in Italy)

  4. @Samy Ibrahim

    ‘bbiblian and shinta trolls’? Have you got Tourette’s, fella?

    My comment is tongue in cheek. Might want to lighten up. Go and watch the gabriel shooting practice video with Conte Max. very funny.

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