Furious Allegri storms off the pitch: ‘They want to play at Juventus…’

by | Sep 20, 2021 20:35

Massimiliano Allegri was so furious after Juventus’ 1-1 draw against Milan that he left the pitch swearing and yelling at his players.

The Old Lady picked up a draw against the Rossoneri last night, so, for the first time in 60 years, they are without a win in the first four Serie A games.

Allegri was unhappy with his players’ attitude and didn’t hide his disappointment, neither leaving the pitch nor during his post-match interviews.

A video that is becoming viral on social media shows the moment Allegri stormed off the pitch, swearing in Italian and allegedly saying: “They even want to play for Juventus”. A few media outlets in Italy suggest the coach said: “You are playing for Juventus,” but it doesn’t change the fact that Allegri was clearly upset with his men.

In his post-match press conference, Allegri urged his players to understand that the Juventus jersey is ‘heavier’ than the ones of other clubs and during his interview with DAZN, he said young players, including Federico Chiesa, must understand what it means to play for the Bianconeri.

What’s behind Allegri’s words on Chiesa




  1. Nedved

    Allegri is full of sh*t if he thinks people like Chiesa are the problem. I remember against Young Boys in the UCL in 18/19, he screamed at Berna “You’re not at Fiorentina any more!” and then said to his assistants “Now I have to replace him.” It was after an innocuous moment where he shot when he should have passed when we were comfortably winning. He didn’t start him again for a long time after that. And now he’s doing it with Chiesa too, unbelievable!!!! Chiesa knows what it means to play for Juve, genius- did you not see him last season?????? He was Italy’s best attacking player in the Euro knock out rounds, he knows how to play on the big stage! He’s not some no-name youngster signed from Fiorentina to maybe start starting in 5 years. Allegri coming back is the worst decision this awful board has made in a long, LONG list of bad decisions.

  2. ogie

    Allegri will ruin the project of the club.they should have stuck with Pirlo,im by now he should have balanced everything.i know pirlo haters will not take lightly but that is a fact.bring pirlo back

  3. troy

    Allegri does not like players like Chiesa because he runs with pace and can beat his man. Scoring goals vital goals is a no no. You must become like Bentancur, not able to pass with either feet, cannot dribble, no crossing ability and adds no goals. Chiesa will leave anyway as I think this team will finish 6 – 7 place

  4. Paolo

    Allegri worst decision ever. Never bring back a failed manager who had a great team in two UCL finals and fluffed his lines. Just look at Mancini management style and what it delivered

  5. Rico

    You do realise that Chiesa has been injured? Before that he was getting selected all the time to start by Allegri.

  6. Peter Pietraroia

    Loving Allegro/Juve “projecto-collapso!” FORZA NAPOLI!!

  7. Tony

    Im 100% behind Allegri. These player have been lacking focus since he was around. He and Conte can demand it with no player being above the club. Sarri and Pirlo couldnt. They was more like fans than managers to the stars of Ronaldo. A coach need to get 100% out of his players. He has the right to yell at anyone in that squad. No one is safe because ajuve has the BEST players in Serie A but cant perform. Thats it. Basta.

  8. Success

    Signing ronaldo will always be the worst mistake for juve, am a Milan fan, ronaldo stalls the development of players…. We all thought it was allegri’s then but now sarri and pirlo took same hit… Juve should just build

  9. Boori

    When a manager start throwing his players under the bus to cover for his mistake, it’s means only one thing, he’s incompetent. Trust me, this is will be a disaster of a season.

  10. Romesh

    Stop being critical of this footballing genius. He will punish Chiesa for trying to run with the ball and pace and tricking his opponents. He banished Cancelo and Spinazzola for daring to go beyond the halfway line. He likes slow and unskilled players like Sandro and Bentancur who cannot move more than 1 mph and hit dead ends. The genius will call Mandzukic out of retirement start experimenting with glass man Ramsay at left wing back and call on Pjanic for next season to move in circles with his twin Arthur.
    The long term goal is to get Donnarumma when he is 36 and proved himself to Agnelli. They will get Haaland for free when he hits 35 and Bonucci will be asked to sign a new contract until 2030.

  11. Acemilan

    As a Milan fan , and this is hard to admit , I never write Juve off ever . They will be back , they have too much quality . Lets not forget that Ronnie left late in the window not giving anyone much time to react . So lots of hurdles to climb , happy Milan are ahead of Juve . Hope it stays that way !

  12. Reynaldy Basna

    Now I am worried he will do harm to Chiesa’s development. Gli Azzurri is way more important than Juve. If this man dont think Chiesa fits his plan (which is absurd and tragic), they should let Chiesa go somewhere else where he will be appreciated as soon as possible. We cannot afford to lose his talent.

  13. Karim

    He will get it moving but it may be too late by then. If Juve fail to do what they are projected to once again, they may indeed be in for a full blown “recession” of sorts as the losses will be tremendous. They are not a terribly popular club, less so without Ronaldo and potentially even less so without the guaranteed success. Its interesting to say the least.

  14. HS

    Allegri inherited players with a pathetic mindset and he can’t change that in a few games. It’s going to take time. He is now trying to correct that and he will whip them into shape and he won’t hesitate to axe anyone. He will get the job done. Forget the Serie A title or even the CL title, but we’ll get there. There is a cycle to everything.

  15. Roy

    If what is being reported is true .. it’s terrible .. disgusted!!
    Totally agree with @Nedved @Romesh @Reynaldy. Also I think Chiesa post match talking and smiling to Pioli has irked Allegri. It’s pathetic from Allegri .. if an opponent Coach talks post match .. under whom Chiesa I think has played .. it’s a respectful gesture, nothing wrong. In the Euros, when there was a break in play, Spain coach had a good word with Chiesa at the sidelines. Chiesa is a cheerful, positive, non envious, simple boy .. gives his all for the team .. and Juve’s troubles have nothing to do with him .. don’t attack and ruin the wonderful talented, humble boy!!

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