Arturo Vidal car

Arturo Vidal and Gary Medel were two of the Chile players sanctioned after breaking the COVID bubble by bringing in a hairdresser.

The tournament was already moved from Argentina to Brazil due to the growing Coronavirus cases in South America.

A statement was released this evening by the Chile national team confirming several players have been fined after the COVID bubble was breached by the unauthorised entry of a hairdresser.

Despite the fact he tested negative, he still should not have come into contact with the players.

There were also rumours online and in Marca that another breach involved players inviting prostitutes into the team hotel for a party, but they seem to be false.

So are suggestions that technical director Martin Lasarte could resign or even Chile be thrown out of the Copa America.

Inter midfielder Vidal and Bologna player Medel were two of the players involved in breaching the bubble with the hairdresser at the Gran Hotel Odara just days before their game against Bolivia.

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