Guglielmo Vicario noted how ‘everything is different’ when comparing Serie A and the Premier League, underlining his joy at playing for Tottenham.

The 27-year-old Italian goalkeeper has shined for Spurs since making the €20m move from Empoli in the summer, quickly proving his capabilities in the Premier League. He has been a key reason behind the team’s early success this term, making a number of impressive saves.

Vicario’s strong start with Tottenham has pushed many Italy fans to call for him to replace Gianluigi Donnarumma in the national team ahead of next summer’s European Championship. He still hasn’t made his debut with the Azzurri yet, being left on the bench 10 times.

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia, Vicario first reflected on his first few months with Tottenham.

“I’m happy with how we started. I wouldn’t focus too much on the ‘I’, but on the ‘we’. We have discussed this concept since the beginning of the year. It must be carried forward in the good times but also in the difficult ones.”

He touched on his warm welcome in North London.

“The welcome from all parties, from the technical staff to my teammates. Everything around the Tottenham environment has been excellent from the first day. It was all very simple, immediate and direct. I found some really helpful guys who have the pleasure of helping you integrate.”

The 27-year-old gave his thoughts on the Premier League as a whole.

“It has always been a great dream of mine. It has always been the most exciting league in the world. I think the emotions are indescribable and I think it’s worth experiencing them.”

Vicario was asked about the differences between Serie A and the Premier League.

“Everything is different, the emotions, the stadiums and the participation of the fans, the speed of the game… Until you experience it, you don’t realize. I’m lucky enough to be able to live it every day.”

He touched on his dreams.

“I dream of not setting limits for myself. I have to fuel it day after day with work. I would like to play in the Champions League.”

Finally, Vicario discussed working with coach Ange Postecoglou.

“We appreciate the clarity he has, what he transmits and his credibility. From day one he has always been the same, credible in his words and in fact.”

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