Verratti picks up injury during Marseille-PSG

by | Oct 24, 2021 21:07

Marco Verratti was replaced just before the break in Marseille-PSG with a suspected hip injury.

The former Pescara man started the game in the middle of the park at the Stade Velodrome but was forced off the pitch during the stoppages in the first half.

The Italy international picked up a knock to his hip in a challenge with Arsenal loanee Mattéo Guendouzi and received treatment by the PSG medical staff.

However, even after that, he could not continue the game so Idrissa Gueye was introduced.

Verratti, 28, has played six games across all competitions with the Ligue 1 giants so far this season.

It remains to be seen how long he will remain out of action with Italy that play their next games in November.

The Azzurri host Switzerland on November 12 and visit Northern Ireland three days later in their last two World Cup qualifying matches.

Verratti made his senior Azzurri debut in 2012 and has 48 caps and three goals to his name.

epa09494287 Paris Saint Germain's Marco Verratti (L) and Manchester City's Jack Grealish (C) in action during the UEFA Champions League group A soccer match between PSG and Manchester City at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris, France, 28 September 2021. EPA-EFE/YOAN VALAT


  1. Vittorio

    Pichettino is a joke of a manager. The fact that Donnarumma is still 2nd choice keeper says all you need ro know about Pochettino.

    It also says a lot about how stupid he was to mive to PSG.

  2. dangerboy

    Injuries becoming more common with Gufo Verrati.

    We’ll see how long he’s out. Notable with the Switzerland and Northern Ireland matches upcoming.

  3. Roy

    Water is wet ❗❗😞😞

  4. Roy

    @Vittorio Read somewhere that Messi pushed for Navas …

  5. Bruno

    In fairness to Pochettino, Kaylor Navas is a top keeper. He has never really let the coach down, and so it would be harsh to just drop him. We’re not privy to what happens behind the scenes, how the players are doing in training. It could also be a case of Navas having a better understanding with the back four, and grasp of the French language.

    As for Verratti, I don’t wish him misfortune, but this could turn out better for Italy. Myself and several others on this site have often pointed out that Italy look better, more dangerous, when Locatelli starts instead of Verratti. The Juve man gives the team another dimension with his greater dynamism and physicality. Verratti is too similar Jorginho, which leaves most of the attacking burden, from central midfield, on Barella.

  6. dangerboy

    I am one of those that have written exactly that, but damn, who will be Loca’s deputy?

  7. Square

    @dangerboy its time for tonali

  8. Vittorio


    Yes, it’s true. Pochettino favor Navas because he is Central American and not Italian. Messi and Neymar prefer this insofar as Donnarumma earns less playing time and experience. Thus, should Italy qualify gor the WC the S. American players are hedging a bet that they would then have better chances vs. Italy should Donnarumma face Argenyina and/or Brazil.

    Aldo, he was stupid for moving to PSG. For 2m
    euros less in salary a poor man he would not be.

  9. dangerboy


    Im OK with that.


    Not sure if I understand your message, had to read it a few times.

    Is it your opinion that other Internationals on PSG are getting Navas to play ahead of Gigio so Italy is weakened for the World Cup?

    That’s a bit of a stretch, IMO. There very well could be a clique at PSG (afterall Spanish is spoken in that Dressing Room, not French), but not for the reason you are suggesting. I don’t think football players think this way.

  10. dangerboy

    But I agree with your other point.
    Discussed here before.

    Gigio going there with a beast GK ahead of him with a lot of pedigree was a foolish move. Now he is paying for it. Should have signed with them, on the cindition they loan him out to get playing time.

    Pochettino has done an OK job rotating but neither will be happy. If you look at his GK rotation, Navas only slightly ahead in matches played.

  11. Vittorio


    I must admit that your comments are insightful and one learns from reading them.

    As to my 1st point, yes, you articulated my conspiracy theory against Donnarumma correctly.

    As to your response about point #1 I would tend to agree with you. However, athletes will look for any advantage. I know, I was one, athough, not at a prifessional level.

    And your point is valid with reference to GK rotation at PSG.

    Donnarumma should look to transfer back to Seria A with a potential loan to Juve.

    Also, Mancini should really consider starting Sirigu for tge Nazionale if Donnarumma does not receive more playing time. Sirigu, plays consistently with Genoa and is more than a capable GK for the Nazionale. I love Donnarumma’s presence, however, experience and consistent playing time are those for which there are not better substitutes.


  12. dangerboy

    Thanks for the kind words, man.

    For the 2 November matches, got to stay with Gigio. If we mess up, finish 2nd behind the Swiss and have to go to a Playoff, I’m gonna absolutely flip the f out. But still gotta stay with Gigio. Especially since a Playoff could involve PK’s to determine the team that qualifies.

    If we are at the World Cup in November and hopefully into December 2022, then a lot will have to happen between now and then.

    Ideally Gigio gets loaned out and plays week in and week out. He and Raiola have to push for it.

    As for Sirigu, not ideal, but not the end of the world.

    Alex Meret got injured last month and despite being back healthy quicker than what was expected, Spalletti prefers the Colombia NT GK David Ospina ahead of him. Which is a turn of events from not to long ago when Meret was 1st Choice over Ospina.

    Our 4th Choice is Gollini over at Tottenham but even he is a backup to Hugo Lloris.

    What was once a strongsuit for us, Goalkeepers, is now an area of concern.

  13. dangerboy

    Also, remember.

    When the rumour of Messi influencing the decision of Navas playing over Gigio first came out, that very next week, Messi himself was an early substitute. Something nobody has ever seen before. Messi getting subbed out when the match is still undecided?? Unheard of. I still remember that piece of video of him shrugging his shoulders. I think it was the match versus Lyon, but I would have to check.

    My point is: if Messi can’t influence his playing time, then not sure he could influence the GK’ers.

    I do know Sergio Ramos and Navas are as close as can possibly be, but Ramos still hasn’t featured for PSG due to jnjuries.

    Gigio messed up. Should have stayed put.

  14. Vittorio


    Excellent and well written posts. Thank you for your thoughtful responses. An honest question…would you be open to exchanging emails?

    Im Italian-American and miss my playing days. I live in the U.S.

    I think you make valid points about the 2 Nov. qualifiers. We are playing in Rome at the Olimpico vs. Switzerland. Thus, Im thinking the atmosphere and fan support will prove to be more supportive and less divisive than the San Siro.

    I too will eat my hat if we finish 2nd. However, we eould still remain seeded for the playoff draw. However, nothing to be taken for granted.

    Im thinking we could start with Insigne, Immobile and Kean and bring on Chiesa at the half. Or, does Insigne, Kean and Chiesa as the starting trident appeal better to you?

    A friend of mine thinks Italy 2-1 or 2-0 at the Olimpico. Im hopeful but uncertain.

    Would enjoy reading your responses. Also, a 2nd honest question. You have much knowledge about futball, sport and Im guessing econonics as well.

    Did you play professionally or semi-professionally?

  15. Vittorio

    @Dangerboy …

    Well written and insightful.

    Would you consider staying in touch via email?

    Also, Insigne, Kean, and Chiesa to start vs. Switerland at the Olimpico in Nov. Thoughts?

  16. Kruizer

    I would like to see Lucca from Pisa fast tracked to national team. Maybe not Switzerland match but he has good technique for such a tall man and surely he should link well with Chiesa and Insigne, what do you all think?

  17. Vittorio


    Would agree. Very good suggestion. Mancini and his asst. Alberico attended the Pisa match this weekend precisely to scout Lucca.

  18. stefanO

    Locatelli is a superior player to Marco. Other then the obvious eye test where Italy looks like a well oiled machine when locatelli plays, The goals for and against in favor of Italy when Locatelli plays instead of Marco is so lopsided you sometimes wonder if Mancini is paying attentions

  19. dangerboy



  20. TONINO

    I think Italia will do well for the next couple of matches. As for Verratti, he is an excellent player but he does tend to slow the game down, does not attempt on goal and is often in a sliding tackle. The positives are that he does have very good vision, is more than capable in getting out of trouble in midfield and helps the defence. The sliding tackles have been noticed and even he has admitted that Ancellotti did not like that part of his play and yet still does them. Locatelli is more than capable and another that I like but is not played much due to injuries et cetera is Stefano Sensi. Sandro Tonali is also very good so we do have depth in the midfield. I absolutely agree that Donnarumma should have stayed at A C Milan or the worst moved to Juventus. Definitely not PSG and this could cost him dearly as a professional goalkeeper. You could see it clearly when he played against Spain and Belgium at the latest Nations League Finals. We do have very good keepers but not yet ready to step up. As for Lucca, he is definitely a good prospect but again not quite ready as he needs to play in Serie A and not B.

  21. jones

    Veratti wasting his whole career messing around in France. Now the same is true for Gigio.

  22. Vittorio


    Very good points made as well. In a previous post, I wrote that I would “eat my hat” if Italy fails to qualify for this WC 2022.

    I hope you and a few others are correct with predictions for the Nazionale in a few weeks.

    The worst that can happen for the Nazionale in Nov. would result with a 2nd place standing to Switerland and a playoff designation. Hopefully, we would remain seeded in the playoff draw.

    However, I will remain very cautiously hopeful as we play Switerland at the Olimpico. I can’t really think past Nov. 12th.

  23. Vittorio


    Thank you. Looking forward to great conversations.

    [email protected]

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