Verona slam ‘mad’ VAR decision on Juventus handball

Refereeing pundits had their say, but Verona consider the VAR decision on Danilo’s handball in the defeat to Juventus to be ‘madness.’

There were two penalty shouts during the 1-0 home loss at the Stadio Bentegodi this evening.

On the first, VAR decided not to recommend an on-field review for the Danilo handball, judging the Pawel Dawidowicz deflection to be too close for the defender to react.

With the second, Verona had been awarded a spot-kick, but it was revoked after a VAR review because Leonardo Bonucci got the ball before Simone Verdi.

“I don’t like to talk about referees, but when you have a series of incidents like we saw against Monza and tonight, we really are just dumbfounded,” Verona coach Salvatore Bocchetti told DAZN.

“They are damaging our season, that seems clear. With the arm so outstretched, it seems like madness not to give a penalty.”

The official Hellas Verona social media account also hammered home the point by posting a still image of the Danilo handball without comment.

Bocchetti then continued his complaints in the press conference.

“It’s the third time. They sent off a player against Monza who should’ve just been booked, tonight there’s a clear penalty not given, on another with two high boots they suggest a review.

“Enough, we are tired. Are we being taken for a ride? Are we the laughing stock of the League? They should at least let us know. How is it possible that Danilo with his arm out like that is not a penalty?”

This was nonetheless the ninth consecutive Serie A defeat for Verona, who face Spezia in a relegation dogfight on Sunday afternoon.

“We must be strong mentally and recover all the energy we can for Sunday, because there’s a good chunk of our Serie A safety at stake.”

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  1. But nobody mentions how Brahim Diaz was an American football player vs Cremonese and how no foul or booking was given for that….

  2. PhD Max is a genius. The panic must have been flowing through his 0.01 Mbps router brain. Verona should have had 2 pens and it’s masking the obvious in regards to the legend of tiki taka back back. I am thinking a call to the control room must have been made.

  3. TBH, I don’t understand why the handball was not awarded, many more softer handballs were awarded . The second is correct.
    TBH, I don’t understand why Verona are at the bottom of the table.

  4. Zebra merda like allways wins with the help of their friends at the referee designators office….Moggi style all the way. If the squad is bollocks and the manager even worse than there is always phones and the sim-cards to use.

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