Valencia will only pay a quarter of Arthur’s Juventus wages

Valencia have reportedly told Juventus they are only prepared to pay 25 per cent of Arthur Melo’s salary, so a loan move seems to be out of the question now.

There had been suggestions in various sources today that the clubs were further away than ever from agreeing terms.

Now Sportitalia specify that’s because Valencia have informed Juve they are prepared to cover just 25 per cent of his wages during the season-long loan period.

That would practically leave all the costs to Juventus, something that negates the very purpose of the loan.

It had been previously reported that Valencia wanted to pay at most half his salary, but a quarter is considered an insulting offer.

TNT Sports Brasil also claim that negotiations have broken down completely, so with no other clubs particularly interested, Arthur Melo may well be stuck in Turin for the time being.

Arsenal had tried to purchase him in January, but have since gone for other targets.

14 Comments on “Valencia will only pay a quarter of Arthur’s Juventus wages”

  1. just trade him plus cash £50m euros for zaniola – no one cares for arthur, dont care if we overspend to get zaniola.

    rather get him over depay any day of the week

  2. So Valencia want to pay Arthur what he’s worth today. What’s wrong with that?
    Either Juve cover the 75% or they will be left with a bench warmer and paying 100%. Tik Tok Juve

  3. £50 for Zaniolo? 2 goals last season in Serie A. Bad injury history. Lack of discipline… Sounds like a bargain!

  4. Better keep him and he will be useful I am sure, dont be stupids and not let in talks at all about that 25 or 50 %, we can wake him up and sell for 40milions. Simply take care that rabiot would be gonne

  5. I can’t think of 1 midfielder that has done well at Juve for some time. McKennie has been ok but only since Allegri allows him to venture forward. The rest have looked clueless, focused on just making sure they are packing the bus 1000 miles away from the goal all the time.

  6. Arthur is better than Loca, period.
    Allegri must be sacked.
    I have to admit Conte is the only feasible panacea though he’s a traitor. Now it’s the redemption.

  7. Even Valencia are taking the mickey out this fallen giant. The way that this club handles transfers whether that is buying or selling, they make a mess of it, particularly when it comes to offloading their premium produce.

  8. The mess is being cleared and already on this transfer market, they’ve got a squad strong enough to win the league. Arrivabene looks at stats and is shifting poor performers that are only worth of 2nd string teams and hillbilly leagues. Order is being restored.

  9. The only best thing to do is sack Allegro.He worth nothing is continuously damaging Juve and the game

  10. Its not clever simply to give him to other team to use and pay his salary, no way here is nothing clever, I agree allegri is sheet if he not see nothing in this player, its big problems in management even that this coach was back and because of him ronaldo was gonne and that man also now has problems…

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