UEFA fights against FIFA’s biennial World Cup plans

by | Oct 15, 2021 20:41

UEFA continues to fight against having a World Cup every two years. ‘We will oppose it until common sense prevails’.

The tug of war between UEFA and FIFA continues, as the latter want to organise the World Cup every two years, which is creating problems among the various Federations.

UEFA reiterates their stance against FIFA’s plans for a two-year World Cup and are being supported by most of the other associations.

UEFA statement slams FIFA World Cup plans

“FIFA’s plans for a two-year World Cup will be blocked by UEFA and CONMEBOL even if they receive the support of most of the football associations,” UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin told Reuters.

“The proposals would damage all forms of football and devalue the competition itself. This concept has all the characteristics of a decision that FIFA wants to take quickly and let the rest of the football world regret it bitterly.

“UEFA will continue to oppose until common sense prevails and the plans are abandoned.”

Aleksander Ceferin



    One as bad as the other. All gold-diggers.

  2. Nucleo

    “The proposals would damage all forms of football and devalue the competition itself.”

    What he actually says is:

    The proposals would be devastating for me personally, it would devalue my position within the world of football.

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