UEFA have opened disciplinary proceedings into Fiorentina and West Ham United over the Conference League Final, as fans throwing objects left Cristiano Biraghi needing eight stitches to a head wound.

The game was played at the Eden Arena in Prague on June 7 and ended 2-1 for the Premier League side.

Charges have been made against both clubs for throwing of objects, although obviously West Ham face far more punishment for repeatedly hurling things at the players.

This included a series of hard plastic glasses and a vape pen that struck Fiorentina captain Biraghi on the back of the head, leaving him with a heavily-bleeding wound that later required eight stitches to seal up.

Fiorentina fans are also charged with lighting of fireworks, while the West Ham supporters are charged with invasion of the field of play.

Viola President Rocco Commisso called for strong action to be taken and it is possible West Ham will be subjected to a stadium ban in the Europa League next season.

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