UEFA club ranking: Juventus only Serie A team in top 10

by | May 19, 2022 20:46

Juventus are the only Serie A side in the latest UEFA Club ranking top 10 with Bayern Munich in first place.

The Bianconeri were eighth in the list which was updated following the Europa League final, and 11th-placed Roma were the only other Italian side in the top 20.

Bayern were first with Champions League finalists Liverpool the first of four Premier League teams in the top 10.

The next Italian team on the list after the Giallorossi were Inter, in 23rd place, with Atalanta and then Napoli immediately following.

Lazio were next in 31st place with Milan, the second-most successful team in European Cup history with seven wins, down in 45th.

UEFA works out club coefficients based on the results of those competing in the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League over the past five seasons.

Milan were absent from the Champions League from 2014 to 2021 when they finished bottom of their group on their return and were eliminated.


  1. Al

    Of course! What else is new?

  2. putuco

    When you see Roma at 11th you know this ranking is a joke

  3. ROMAntic

    Putuco, you are a joke, (as usual).
    When you take into account the last FIVE YEARS in European competitions, as UEFA does, Roma is deservedly where they are.

    Juventus 107.000
    Roma 98.000
    Inter 67.000
    Atalanta 66.500
    Napoli 66.000
    Lazio 53.000
    Milan 38.000

    You’re just upset because your club doesn’t receive preferable treatment by European refs & because you aren’t given a privileged status that your spoiled club “deserves”.
    (It’s not fair, right? For every point that Roma collects, your SL club should get at least TWENTY, right? Because of your “historical achievements” or your “birthright”, yes?)

    Guys, please don’t forget May 25th, so that you can cheer against Roma!

  4. muto

    This proves that Allegri is the best coach in Italy.

  5. Arie

    Shows your ignorance Putuco. Roma and in some way Juve are the only team who took Europe seriously. Roma 3 semifinals in 5 years. Juve 2 finals in 10 years. While the rest barely make it to first round.

  6. O’Gabbs

    Friends, let’s be looking out for romantic to avoid him taking poison soon because of Milan.

  7. rosario uk

    italian teams seriously need to start doing better in europe, even if getting to quarter and semi in champs league

  8. Milan141

    Pessimism pessimism pessimism

    blah blah blah

    BTW why is that homophobic remark above not deleted?

  9. ROMAntic

    The hell, O’Gabbs?
    If Milan loses Scudetto, then Inter wins. –Why would I prefer that? IT’S POTATOES – POTATOS!

    If anything, Milan truly deserves the title this year & I can sympathise with their fans who waited a long time for it.
    Seeing Hakan & Gigo regret leaving the club is a plus as well.

    The only drawback of Milan winning is: You guys will be in the first pot of the CL draw, avoiding a tough group…
    But even that can turn into a positive if you crash out against Porto, Ajax & Bodo!
    (After the SL betrayal I don’t support the Serie A Trinity in European games anymore.)

    PS: I don’t want backstabbers to look out for me, thank you.
    Rather go & create another closed tournament for you & your rich privileged elite.
    Because in the meritocratic format we have now, it is not guaranteed that your club will participate in the CL every season! Your “birthright” can be taken away by Samp, Udinese or Fiore.

  10. ROMAntic

    I forgot Putuco is a Milan fan.
    I thought he was a Juventini.

    Ah, well –POTATOE, POTATO.

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