UEFA assign Inter-Barcelona VAR to Roma-Real Betis

Despite the controversy over the last-gasp penalty incident in Inter’s win over Barcelona, UEFA have immediately assigned VAR Pol van Boekel to Roma’s Europa League match with Real Betis.

The Blaugrana were absolutely furious over the decision not to recommend an on-field review for the potential Denzel Dumfries handling offence during stoppages at San Siro last night.

Coach Xavi Hernandez called it “an outrage and an injustice,” with Italian refereeing experts insisting the camera angles at the disposal of the VAR were not clear enough to warrant calling the referee over to the monitor.

They maintain the clearest footage of the handball was only available to Spanish television and not seen in Italy until an hour after the game.

UEFA also seem to agree that there was no need to punish Van Boekel, because the Dutch official has been assigned as the VAR for tomorrow’s Europa League match between Roma and Real Betis, another fixture featuring an Italian and Spanish side.

The referee will be Slovenian Matej Jug.

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  1. This is what happens when you allow a 50% league losing shaolin handball team to compete in Europe undeservedly. 28% ball possession at home should attract a fine henceforth.

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