Udogie admits to doubts as Milan protest handball

by | Feb 25, 2022 20:28

Udinese scorer Destiny Udogie admits he ‘wasn’t sure’ whether he handled the equaliser against Milan, as refereeing pundits ask why the goal wasn’t disallowed.

The wing-back bundled over the line from close range after Roberto Pereyra kicked it back over his head, Alessio Romagnoli failed to cut it out and Udogie was ready.

However, Udogie looked suspiciously sheepish during his celebration and confessed to DAZN afterwards there was a good reason.

Serie A | Milan 1-1 Udinese: Rossoneri stumble again

“I honestly wasn’t sure if I got it with my arm. I looked over at the linesman and he gave it, so it went well.”

There was a VAR silent check for possible handball after the goal, but the officials opted not to call the referee over for an on-field review.

DAZN refereeing pundit and former official Luca Marelli said he was “frankly surprised” the VAR did not intervene, because from some angles it certainly looked as if the ball went in off Udogie’s arm.

When the handball is used to score a goal, intent is irrelevant, so the position of the arm makes no difference to whether the goal should be disallowed.


  1. lulzim Cakolli

    Handball or not, if we are not able to beat an 16th Udinese side, then simply dont deserve to win the Scudetto. And Our Players want to negotiate an Bonus in Case we win it. Haha right.

    It hurts to admit it but with our Poor Mentality, looking for excuses with the handball or reff, we dont deserve the scudetto.

  2. Joe

    Bravo lulzim Cakolli – nice to hear the truth from an actual Milan Fan. You’re absolutely correct. 2 points from Salernitana and Udinese at this stage of the season is embarrasing, regardless of refereeing decisions.

  3. SMH

    Reality is that Milan played like crap last two games – they should have won both and instead they lost 4 points. Dinesen might have scored with their band but Milan should have never allowed that to happen in the first place. They were up 1:0 and started to defend against bottom team – who does that?? Pioli is a small team coach and it showed today.

  4. Yaya

    You can complain if the goal happens in the 90th minute, after you played a game worthy of winning. But when you still have 30 minutes to get a goal and win after, and do absolutely nothing during that time, you cannot complain.

  5. Babangida musa

    Hello milan and mr maldini milan have right to taking action about that referee because milan needs that 3 point and the referee he totally do know what he is doing good night all official and the milan fans

  6. InterFan75

    Don’t worry, Inter not doing better. Now ball is at Napoli‘s feet.

  7. KilrOY

    We were not good enough and that’s that. Lucky to not loose even with this performence. Udinese played very good game and they deserve the points (althoug maybe too much wrestling and too little football for my taste.)

    That being said, allowing this goal and not giving advantage to Milan on one counter were big mistakes. Refs need to do better, because eeek in and week out there are controversies throughout the league. It shifts teh forcus away from Football and that is not good for anyone.

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