Udinese’s Dacia Arena named Serie A’s Most Valuable Field for 2021-22

The Dacia Arena, home to Udinese, has been named the Most Valuable Field in Serie A for the 2021-22 season after working in synergy with Watford.

This is a new award handed out by the Lega Serie A at the end of the campaign.

The playing surface is voted for by captains, coaches and referees after every Serie A match and the final results are totted up.

Udinese’s Dacia Arena came out on top for the consistent state of the turf.

In their statement on the club website, Udinese credited their synergy with sister club Watford in the Premier League, as both are owned by the Pozzo family.

They also exchanged ideas and advice on maintaining the playing surface with their English counterparts.

Udinese came out on top, followed by the Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo and the Allianz Juventus Stadium in Turin.

Notably, these are all recently revamped stadiums that are run directly by the clubs and not rented from the local council.

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  1. We need all the major clubs and major cities in Italy to revamp and own their stadiums. It’ll make interest in the league so much better and bring lots more cash.

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