Udinese Stadium

Dacia Arena

AddressViale Agostino e Angelo Candolini, 2 – 33100 Udine
Pitch dimensions105m x 68m
Built in 1976 to mimic Munich’s Olympiastadion, the Stadio Friuli underwent serious modernisation and redevelopment. Having originally housed almost 42,000 spectators, it eventually holds around 25,000 and has been renamed the Dacia Arena. The rebuild saw all stands covered and brought closer to the pitch. There will also be an Udinese museum constructed, with the project reportedly costing €26m.

To get to Udine from the airport – 40km away – the easiest route is via the motorway exiting at Udine south. Another option is the train station, while No9 and FS buses go to the Friuli.

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