Udinese ‘furious’ at VAR call in defeat to Milan

Udinese director Pierpaolo Marino was ‘furious’ at a penalty decision in tonight’s 4-2 defeat to Milan. ‘In that case, just let VAR officiate the games.’

The officials this season have stated they want fewer spot-kicks, to referee in a more ‘English’ style and not consider every contact to be a penalty.

It took all of nine minutes for controversy to erupt in 2022-23, as Davide Calabria and Brandon Soppy collided when trying to reach the rebound from a parried Brahim Diaz shot.

At first the referee had let play continue, but after viewing it again on the VAR monitor, a penalty was awarded.

“I am not just angry, I am furious,” Marino told DAZN.

“I’ve been in football for many years, suffering with middle to lower table teams, but still today I see certain guidelines are ignored.

“These soft penalties should not be of interest to VAR, it was an incident that changed the game. Mazzoleni’s intervention in the VAR booth was entirely illogical, there was nothing dubious about it.

“I really hope situations are clarified adequately. I don’t understand what Mazzoleni had to intervene for, in that case just let the VAR officiate the games. It’s not helping the referee, it’s disturbing his performance.”

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  1. Oh but when Udogie scored a goal with his hand and he does not even celebrate, that was ok right? What a loser and crybaby. It was a penalty!

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