Totti returns to cheer on Roma after two years away

by | Dec 4, 2021 15:14

Francesco Totti will be back in the stands of the Stadio Olimpico when Roma host Torino, his first visit to this venue in over two years.

The Giallorossi legend briefly worked for Roma after his retirement, but walked away within a year in protest at being sidelined from the decision-making process and in his view being treated like a mascot.

He has visited to the Stadio Olimpico as a fan, cheering on the team most recently alongside his son Cristian on October 27, 2019 for a match against Milan.

According to reports, Totti will be present for this evening’s Serie A showdown between Roma and reigning champion of Italy Inter.

He is there as a guest of a sponsor and could well cross paths in the VIP section with club owners Dan and Ryan Friedkin.

Roma themselves announced Totti’s presence for the game, which kicks off in the Capital at 17.00 GMT.

Er Pupone is now in charge of his own talent agency to find new and exciting football players.

Totti as pundit


  1. Rio

    Embarrassed to be a Roma fan. Not even half time and 3-0 down. No fight, no intensity Slow build up play Defending way too deep. No movement upfront And Mikytarian literally the only player with any form of quality upfront. Absolute joke. Bring me back to the 4-3 losses 4-3 wins 4-4 all draws of zemenlandia

  2. Rio

    Basically totti couldn’t of picked a worse match too return to the Olimpico too watch

  3. Rio

    Roma have now been smashed over and over again by the true top 6 And the team seems to be going into these matches having already lost. And it’s happening under very different managers too . So it’s clearly the players And there mentality Like show some fight some backbone. The likes of Venezia put up a far better fight against inter. It’s a farse!

  4. Jj

    Hope the Friedkins react on the upcomming transfermarket.
    It is really embarrasing.

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