Totti: ‘Mourinho is not the problem at Roma’

by | Nov 13, 2021 17:27

Francesco Totti has urged Roma to stand by Jose Mourinho after a recent run of difficult results. ‘He is not the problem here.’

The former Giallorossi captain spoke to Sky Sport Italia about the growing unease in the media about whether they are going in the right direction under Mou.

“I think that if we are talking about Mourinho as the problem, then we’ve got it all wrong. He is not the problem here,” said Totti.

“If you put together all the other coaches currently in Serie A, they still won’t have won as much as Mourinho. You can only tip your hat to him.

“Roma must rely on him, he’s a great coach, a motivator, a manager in every way. He knows how to deal with the squad, what to say and do.

“I would always bet on a character like that: we must stay close to him.”

Jose Mourinho


  1. Jarod KNowles

    Mourinho is a genius.
    He was the first one who pointed out a certain issue in a certain country he once coached. This alone makes him a genius.
    Then there is all his successes.
    There is no discussion here.

  2. rosario

    Totti can barely string a sentence together. There is no way he uttered all those words.

  3. Roman

    @rosario- you as a Milan fan are spending an awful lot of time on Roma’s page? Why don’t you mind your own team instead of being a little man and insulting a team that doesn’t concern you? Got too much time in your hand? I’ve got a few ideas on how you can shorten your free time?

  4. Burky

    @Roman not only is this NOT a Roma site, he can say whatever he likes. What the hell are you on about?

    They are public figures so anyone can say whatever anyone wants(ofcourse, with a bit of respect if possible).

    I’d say you’r the little man who can’t take criticism, what a surprise, just like the coach above .

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