Totti: ‘Dybala to Roma was possible, very possible’

Francesco Totti suggested that a possible Paulo Dybala move to Roma was ‘very possible’ but that he ‘never sincerely believed’ in Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival.

The Giallorossi legend excited the fans when he announced that he was trying to convince the Argentinian forward to chose the Roman club for his next adventure once his contract expired with Juventus. Totti offered his number 10 to Dybala as well in the hopes of tempting the star.

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia, Totti first discussed Roma’s summer transfer window so far.

“We’re used to talking before everything starts. I haven’t made up my mind yet, there is still time and the season will start in mid-August. Anything can happen between now and then, hopefully they can build a great team to achieve important goals.”

He gave his thoughts on the rumours that Ronaldo would be joining the Giallorossi this summer.

“I’ve never sincerely believed it, I know the current reality. Then if it really were true, it would be great, I think all the Roma fans would be thrilled.”

The Roma legend also discussed the Dybala situation and if he was ever really close to joining.

“Let’s say it was possible, very possible. But then other things happened and it vanished like that. Now he’ll go elsewhere, I don’t know where honestly. I hoped he could come to Rome. There was a conversation. I don’t know what they said to each other though.”

Totti spoke about which transfer market move has intrigued him the most so far.

“Well, the return of Lukaku is already a big coup. The same for Pogba returning to Juve. Let’s hope that the medium-top teams manage to make some important purchases.”

He sent a message to Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic.

“We know Sinisa as he is, as a player, coach and person. He’s had this operation, we are close to him in every way, but he doesn’t need that because he is strong on his own and will manage anything negative. I think in this case a big good luck to him, he deserves it as a person.”

Finally, Totti discussed his plans for the future.

“I’m old now. What I had to do I’ve done… Lately I’ve been talking to you more than going out and about. I’m going to look for some talent in the world.”

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