Italian reports suggest Milan talks with Franck Kessie over a new contract have collapsed completely, so Antonio Conte’s Tottenham Hotspur lead PSG in the race to sign him as a free agent.



The midfielder’s current deal will expire on June 30 and he seems nowhere near to agreeing an extension at San Siro.

It would make him the third big player to leave Milan as a free agent in the last year, after Gianluigi Donnarumma joined Paris Saint-Germain and Hakan Calhanoglu moved across the city to Inter.

According to Sky Sport Italia, talks collapsed a long time ago, as Milan have not heard from Kessie’s agent since making their final proposal of €5m per season plus bonuses to reach €5.8m back in August 2021.

The Ivory Coast international’s representative is asking for €8m per season to stay at San Siro.

With that in mind, it seems inevitable Kessie will walk away and he’s able to now enter talks with other clubs.

Sportitalia transfer pundit Rudy Galetti claims Conte’s Tottenham are currently the favourites, offering €8m per season plus another €2m in various bonuses.

PSG and another Premier League club, which could well be Chelsea or Manchester United, are also interested.

Milan paid €32m to sign Kessie from Atalanta in 2017 and he only turned 25 last month, so is still at the peak of his career.

21 thought on “Tottenham lead PSG for Kessie, as Milan talks abandoned”
  1. Another one bites the dust.

    I agree the club can’t be held to ransom. Goodbye.

    Is Pobega the replacement?

  2. Milan should call his bluff. Offer him what he is asking for then see if he accepts. I have a feeling he would still leave. That’s sad tbh. To lose a player to Tottenham! Really! They aren’t half the club AC Milan are. Our prestige and history is something Spurs fans can only dream of. Good luck Franck but you are going down in standard if you join Tottenham. Ask yourself this, Will Conte and this current project Spurs are on still be in process in 1 or 2 seasons time? Probably not I think, Conte never stays in a managers job for more than 1 or 2 seasons. I bet Pioli and AC Milan will be though.

  3. It’s a rational choice
    The players’career is short, so it is just acceptable if he choose the best one and milan is surely not the best for him in term of personality and career

  4. Since he had decided not to play for us anymore he can either leave die a free now or take a six month break from professional football… i hope the san siro crowd boo’s his every touch…

  5. How can anyone make ends meet on a mere €5.8m ? 🙂

    Goodbye and good luck Frank.
    You’re not the kind of person to write his name in the history book of this club.
    And you’re definitely not irreplaceable.

  6. Frank is moving to a club who is going on to attempt to make history and is it not better for a player to be involved in making history rather then live in past. So we at Tottenham welcome him with open arms as he fits the Tottenham mould.

  7. “It would make him the third big player to leave Milan as a free agent”

    I disagree. It would make him the third SMALL player/man to leave Milan as a free agent. Milan are doing better without Dollarumma and Hakan, and will do even better without Kessié too. Team harmony and balance are more important than some names. All players are replaceable. Maignan is doing the same thing (or arguably better) as Dollarumma for a third of his salary.

    All three are out of their minds if they think they’re worth more than Milan are offering them, though Kessié might yet be the most delusional.

  8. Tottenham is huge, mates. We’ll batter ya at the Champions League next year. If Kessie comes he might enjoy that! COYS!M

  9. Deluded milan fans utterly deluded course he wants to come to the prem best most competitive league by a mile Italian football is dull played at walking pace

  10. Whatever your opinions are on kessie’s worth as a player or as a person the fact remains that Milan paid 32 million for him just 4 years ago and have not managed to even recoup a single Euro of that sum. That is not good business practice.

  11. It’s not all kessie’s fault if he wants to take another challenge or opportunity to get bigger salary. Milan fans have issue with this because they’re going to lose him for free. That’s the management’s fault. Don’t wait until last 1 year in the contract to offer extension.

    Try to see it in the player’s perspective. Kessie has been paid around 2M/year since 2017 as one of the best box to box midfielder in serie-A. He’s arguably been underpaid for the last 2 years. Milan should’ve rewarded him with big contract since 2020.

    Kessie might still want to move on eventually, but Milan could’ve got some decent transfer fee out of it, which would be more than enough to cover the salary raise.

    As inter fan, if Brozovic or Perisic want to move on then I won’t talk bad about them. They’ve done great service to the club, especially brozovic. After younger players like Bastoni, Barella, and Lautaro finally got their breakout season, Marotta swiftly improve and extend their contract. That’s how it should be.

  12. @ Rian

    What’s the point?

    What’s the point of supporting football clubs if the players change every 5 minutes?

    What is a football club?

    A “brand name”? History? That’s in the past. What do we watch every week? It’s the players. If the players have no loyalty and are just a bunch of mercenaries then the whole thing is pointless.

    After the collapse of the super league Agnelli made the point that young people don’t follow football clubs anymore, they follow players. This is the consequence of years of transfer chaos across all of the major leagues. Thousands of players transferred each window.

    This isn’t about Kessie v Milan but the survival of football. The solution is to deal with the agents, impose salary caps and properly enforce FFP, otherwise football is dead.

  13. Sell him in January if possible. No point holding onto players for the last 6 months. Get a fee while you can.

    He’s only had one good season for them anyway.

    @Jim Walters

    It may be the best (of a bad bunch) of leagues now, but please don’t call the epl competitive lol. It’s never been less “competitive”.

  14. @Maldini’s heir,
    I understand where you’re going with this, but what can we do? This is not the US. Salary cap won’t work here because the EPL clubs are really that much richer compare to the other leagues. Their income are twice higher so they can afford to double their player’s salary.

    This is not the era of 80s and 90s where players may stay forever in 1 club. There wasn’t much disparity in salary between european leagues back then.

    I disagree about supporting the players thing instead of the club. IMO most fans follow the club and will not change even if their favorite players change club, maybe except for messi and CR7 fans..

    @Ferban, I will always prefer Serie-A compare to EPL, but EPL is the most competitive league in europe. Name me a league that has been won by different clubs in higher number than the EPL for the past decade.

  15. Spurs fans thinking they might win something now, LOL.

    Your club has neither the history nor the future to suggest anything other than a top 6 finish is possible. And that’s only because you have a top Italian manager.

  16. While Spurs are not that great, who do you think wins vs Milan.

    All of you Milan fans are so deluded. Im also for Milan the most, but this is dumb – our best player for last 2 years, the one to create for Messias, only one to create vs Pool – and they offer him 3/4 what 40yo Ibra makes.

    Yes the mistake was made in 2020. Good the club learned their lesson.

    I remember stronger Milan teams.
    I remember deluded fans who thought Ricardo Oliveira was hope.

    Losing Hakan for free cost us money for good striker. We could have aimed for Darwin Nunez and instead can aim for Origi.

    Donna was a different story but Hakan was dumb. If we loose Kessie now, only Sanches is os similar quality and will cost 30m. The money thst again is needed up front

    Last point – the Deluded Award goes to ‘but our prestige’ guy.
    In 1985 we had past prestige and if not Berlo we would be Genoa now.
    Would you work for employer who was great in past but crap now? Maybe you would, but no nonmediocre person would…

    If Milan want really to give just 5,8 to Kessie – banter years continue.

  17. By the way- when was Totenham last in CL final, vs ANY italian side

    Italy won euro as they had time and mancini is good coach. But from talent point, Veratti plus Chiesa and Donnarumma are only top players in the squad.

    I love calcio but hate hiw blimd people are. This is why the league fails.
    Now its in small rebirth but see the mdntality above, with such people you cannot build much.

    Last point to drive it home – there is a reason italian economy is a joke. Has a lot with living in past.

  18. @Stam

    Just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean we’re deluded.
    Some of us do believe in prestige. I’m not saying that a club should rest on its laurels but prestige comes with a lot of attributes that you seem to casually dismiss.
    After all, what is Tottenham and all the rest are trying to achieve?

    Your comment about Verratti, Chiesa and Donnarumma being the only top players in the Italy squad proves a point.
    How many “top players” do Belgium, Spain and England have?
    By your measure probably a lot more than the team that has the trophy in the cabinet.

    Last point to drive home – a bit more respect and courtesy would not be out of line my friend.

  19. I do have respect for those showing respect.
    Kessie had been making peanuts for a player on his level for years now. He spent how a decade with a club. CL is thanks in major part to him.
    There are reports that we offer Kessie 5,8 with bonuses and Theo 5 with bonuses.
    Tell me its fair

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