Tottenham considering exchange deal for Juventus’ Kulusevski

Kulusevski Brozovic

Tottenham are interested in offering an exchange deal for Juventus forward Dejan Kulusevski.

The 21-year-old Swedish winger is valued at around €30-35m by the Bianconeri, who are willing to let him leave in next month’s transfer window after his struggles impressing coach Massimiliano Allegri this campaign.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Tottenham could offer Giovani Lo Celso in exchange for Kulusevski. The 25-year-old Argentinian midfielder is expected to cost around €48m between the loan and buy option and the North London club are happy for him to depart next month.

Another player that could be offered in exchange for the Swedish winger is Tanguy Ndombélé, who has failed to win over coach Antonio Conte this season, with some suggesting that he has a poor attitude and work rate.

Spurs are incredibly keen to sign the 21-year-old Kulusevski, who is contracted to Juventus until 2025, and an exchange deal would allow them to both lower the costs of the operation and reduce the size of their squad a little.

The Bianconeri are also interested in signing Liverpool’s Divock Origi as they search for a replacement for Alvaro Morata, who seems set to join Barcelona next month. The 26-year-old Belgian’s contract expires with the Reds in June next year.

19 Comments on “Tottenham considering exchange deal for Juventus’ Kulusevski”

  1. @Jon, switching Canavaro for Carini or Seedorf for Coco or Naignolan for Zaniolo plus a lot of cash, not to mention Gabi-one-goal, Joao Mario or Kondogbia, you don’t know that club?

  2. Piemonte Calcio are more stup1d than I`ve thought if they really offload Kulusevski

  3. Selling Kulusevski really tells us a lot of Juves inability to recognize true talent.But if it will happen-Congrats Tottenham!

  4. Wreaks of an Allegri situation. Perhaps its Allegri and not all the players that looked good under other coaches? Soon they will sell Chiesa because Allegri wants a slower older player.

  5. I like how every game people called Kulusevski a useless player who only runs like a headless chicken until he bumps into an opponent and loses the ball, a flop, the new Berna, his transfer a failure etc.

    Now that he seems like he’s leaving Juve he’s suddenly a great talent and Juve are doing a mistake letting him go etc. You guys are so objective.

  6. Just remember Thierry Henry, Kingsley Coman, don’t make the same mistake again, give Kulasevski another season

  7. How is Lo Celso worth €48m😂, the guy has been terrible at Tottenham. The guy can’t even break into a struggling Spurs team.

  8. @Zambrotta… those happened in more than 2 decades but your directors are achieving it in couple of 2 years, congrats!

  9. It wouldn’t be a Juve article without toxic trash seeping onto the comments

    Keep hating while your clubs bring 0 coefficient points to the country

    A circus

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