Tottenham boss Conte hints at reasons for Inter exit

Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte made some telling comments on why he did not last long at previous clubs, which some read as a sideswipe at Inter. ‘If you tell me a good lie, you don’t have a lot of life with me.’

The coach spoke at a press conference today, as the Premier League season kicks off this weekend.

He was asked why he generally does not stay at clubs for longer than two or three years in his career and if that might change at Tottenham.

“I think first of all, I need to stay well in the club. I like always the honesty,” replied Conte.

“If you tell me one thing then you have to respect this. Otherwise I don’t like people who say one thing to me at the start and during the season or after one year or two years they change the situation.

“I don’t like this. I like honest person and also if they have to tell me the bad truth, it has to be the truth, not a good lie. Because if you tell me a good lie, you don’t have a lot of life with me, because I hate lies and I hate liars.”

Conte won the Serie A title with Inter in his second campaign, but then terminated his contract early and walked away just a couple of weeks later.

He had argued at the time that the situation had changed with regards to ambitions, because Inter were in a financially difficult situation and had to sell several key players, including Romelu Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi, and could not invest heavily in replacements either.

Simone Inzaghi inherited the role, going on to win the Coppa Italia and Italian Super Cup, finishing second in Serie A and reaching the Champions League Round of 16.

15 Comments on “Tottenham boss Conte hints at reasons for Inter exit”

  1. Suning did the exact same thing to Conte as they did to Roberto Mancini years before at Inter, it’s called dishonesty by the club owners, so they both left.

  2. Conte could not get out of the CL group, two years in a row.
    Then asked for Lazaro and Vidal, 60 mil thrown away..
    Gee , you wonder why we had no money.
    It is never his fault.

  3. Inter Per Sempre, are you saying Suning owned the club at the time of Mancini? Because if you are I think you need to reconsider the “per sempre” part of your name. Also, Mancini was SACKED. He didn’t quit. And after winning a third consecutive league title. So your statement as to Mancini makes zero sense.

  4. @Vero Rossonero, Yes Suning was partial owners, I think they had 51-53% of the share or something close to that, there was another owner from Malaysia in the picture back then with less share , no Mancini was not sack, he quit and he explained why he decided to quit because he was unhappy with empty promises of buying players he asked for, he wrote a journal about it.

  5. I’m pretty sure Moratti was the owner when Mancini was sacked or quit because after Mancini came José Morinho who won the treble under the ownership of Moratti

  6. @Vero Rossonero- I think you are thinking about his first Inter job, in 2004-2008 or 09? Second time he was only at Inter for a season and a half about. Moratti was not in charge any more Suning and Malaysian guy were owning Inter and he came back for a short spell just like Conte and left unhappy just like Conte.

  7. @Roland B- Yes, the first spell was under Moratti you are 100% correct, but second time was years later 10 some years later and not under Moratti.

  8. It’s no about lying, the situation drastically changed because of Covid and China’s foreign policies. This is the part that Conte and most of you don’t want to understand because it doesn’t suit your narrative. I really do appreciate what he did for Inter, but a real man stays and fight with team instead of running away! He left because he couldn’t get want he wanted and that was because of the unpredictable of circumstances! Coaches like Pioli and Juric bleed for their teams but Conte literally chickened out, end of story! He is just twisting words for his own benefit, nothing else. And part of it was his own fault for spending money on players like Vidal, and sending out players like Perisic, putting the club in even more economic hardship! He ONLY had to use Perisic because he didn’t have other options. Perisic fought hard to earn his place like Erikssen!! Conte, just Bye bye!! Stand up and fight like a real man you chicken!

  9. @Inter Per Sempre, doh. Totally forgot about that second stint. But not surprising since that was the beginning of your banter period (along with us!).

  10. Suning Holding Group acquires the majority of F.C. International Milan in June 2016.
    These are the coaches in the Suning period:

    * 2016-2017
    Frank de Boer
    Stefano Pioli
    * 2017-2019
    Luciano Spalletti
    * 2019-2021
    Antonio Conte
    * 2021
    Simone Inzaghi

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