Toronto FC linked Criscito clashes with Italian journalist Pedulla

Veteran defender Domenico Criscito, who is on the verge of signing for MLS side Toronto FC, clashed with journalist Alfredo Pedulla following his article on the topic.

Pedulla reported last night that the 35-year-old Italian centre back had signed an 18 month contract with the Canadian side, ready to join compatriot Lorenzo Insigne, who was unveiled to the fans yesterday. This report clearly didn’t impress Criscito, who decided to message the journalist about the story.

Criscito messaged Pedulla on Instagram earlier today, saying: “I read your article. Get better informed before writing bullsh*t.. Thanks.” The journalist immediately hit back, responding with “how dare you? I’ll read this live…”

Criscito essentially told him to go ahead, leading Pedulla to say: “Who are you talking to your son? Keep quiet and cry less.” He then blocked the Italian defender, before posting the conversation on his Twitter page alongside the comment: “Criscito, professional footballer, 35 years old, keyboard lion with private messages, so let’s not blame the younger generation.”

Despite his denial, the 35-year-old Criscito is still expected to sign for Toronto FC soon, reading to join up with Insigne in the MLS. The Italian veteran will be an experienced member of the Canadian side’s defence, giving some of the younger players a reference point in the squad.

3 Comments on “Toronto FC linked Criscito clashes with Italian journalist Pedulla”

  1. And so if you as a veteran sport writer don’t know how to do your job, you cant be criticised ? so just because he is a professional footballer he shouldn’t talk when you are writing lies about him?
    you need another job.

  2. Alfredo showed he is an a-hole. And blocked Criscito. Fortunately, his twitter feed is putting him down like an injured horse lol

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