Toronto FC chief flying in for Insigne talks?

by | Dec 30, 2021 18:41

It is reported Toronto FC President Bill Manning will fly to Italy next week for an in-person meeting with Napoli captain Lorenzo Insigne, so they can convince him to sign for the MLS club.

According to RAI Sport, Manning and his directors are expected in Rome towards the middle of the week, where they will sit down with Insigne, his agent Vincenzo Pisacane and intermediary Andrea D’Amico.

There has been a great deal of confusion over the exact figures they are offering to Insigne for a five-year contract in Major League Soccer.

Some say the €11.5m plus €4.5m bonuses salary is already a net sum, others that this is gross, so after taxes would be closer to €6m per season.

RAI Sport insist the figures are net, so Insigne would bring home at least €11.5m per season.

Insigne will be a free agent after his contract with Napoli expires on June 30, 2022.

His negotiations to extend with the Partenopei have hit a brick wall, as the only proposal on offer is a pay cut compared to his current salary.

Lorenzo Insigne

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  1. Louch

    I can confirm based on Canada’s tax laws there is no such thing as a 60% tax bracket here in Canada 🤦🏻‍♂️ If there were I wouldn’t be here. So I’m going to say gross. Subtract 40% and his net with bonus is in the 9-10M mark annually. Lol 60% taxes imagine if reporters actually did some due diligence and researched the idiocy they’re about to type.

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