The way Ivan Juric treated Nemanja Radonjic in the derby, both taking him off after 15 minutes and eviscerating him in the media, spells the end for this Torino experience, but he won’t return to Olympique Marseille.

The Serbia international joined Toro on loan from Marseille in July 2022 with an option to buy for €2m, but that included a clause making it an obligation to buy if certain conditions were met.

It was reported last week that Torino hadn’t realised the conditions to activate were coming up and now feel frustrated they are stuck with having to pay €2m for a player they do not want.

That was all before this evening’s drama in the Derby della Mole against Juventus, where Radonjic was introduced as a substitute only to be hauled off again 15 minutes later.

Coach Juric blamed Radonjic for the Gleison Bremer goal, where a corner was taken short and Federico Chiesa allowed to whip in the cross for a free header.

His comments to DAZN and in the press conference afterwards reiterated that Radonjic has no future at Torino.

“I struggle to understand these things, in my view he completely lacks respect for this sport. You have things that you know you need to do, you come on and immediately do the opposite, it means you are not in the game.

“This lad has talent, but evidently in these six months working together I have been unable to turn him into a football player. On a corner, you need to be present and alert. You can do it well or badly, but you must be present.”

Juric was asked if there will be any repercussions for Radonjic after this incident.

“Radonjic had a spectacular week in training, we all thought he could make the difference, and that is why we feel let down. I think he didn’t even realise what he’d done wrong. It is not malice, sometimes you have players like Vlasic who are the best at always being focused on the details, then others who don’t see these things as important.”

As the obligation to buy has been activated, Radonjic will not return to Marseille, so Torino need to find a new buyer in the summer.

He made 23 appearances for Torino between Serie A and the Coppa Italia, contributing four goals and two assists.

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