Torino director Davide Vagnati raged against the ‘unacceptable’ failure to even review the penalty incident in their 1-1 draw with Inter. ‘It’s impossible that he didn’t see that foul.’

The Granata have made an unfortunate habit of dropping points by conceding late goals this season and they did it again this evening, as Alexis Sanchez struck deep into stoppages.

Gleison Bremer had given Toro the lead by tapping in from a corner, but there was controversy in the first half when Andrea Ranocchia appeared to clearly foul Andrea Belotti, yet VAR did not even suggest an on-field review.

Serie A | Torino 1-1 Inter: Sanchez snatches point amid controversy

“I would like to underline we have always had great respect for the referees and those who have to make these decisions,” Vagnati told DAZN.

“Having said that, there was an objective mistake tonight. It was not subjective. In fact, there are two clear errors, because the referee did not give the penalty in real time, but then the VAR also did not suggest an on-field review.

“I honestly cannot understand it. I went to the referee at half-time and said that was a penalty, but he replied if the VAR did not call him over, then evidently I made the right call.

“Davide Massa is an international referee, it’s just impossible that he didn’t see that foul. You can then talk about Torino’s exceptional performance and Inter’s determination, but if there is a penalty, it has to be given.

“It’s honestly unacceptable, especially as we had practically won the game and ended it with this regret.”

DAZN’s refereeing pundit and former official Luca Marelli acknowledged it was a definite mistake and he had “no justification or explanation” for why the VAR did not suggest an on-field review.

Marelli also zoomed in on the suggestions Belotti had handled in the build-up, but ruled that was not true either, as it hit his shin.

15 thought on “Torino fury at VAR after Inter draw: ‘Impossible he didn’t see that penalty’”
  1. Det var helt klart på reprisene at det var 100 % brudd, bare dommeren så ikke eller ville ikke se.

  2. The Var referee should be fired. Period. Maybe there should be a rule that every play that every foul in the box that is questionable should be reviewed to make sure all calls are accurate. This is unbelievable! Only Inter fans will be happy with this. EVERYONE ELSE got screwed.

  3. That is why that club has always been the dirtiest organisation on the face of the planet. First they create a scandal as from 1989-2006 as they could not win any league title. Secondly when Rabiot handled the ball, the penalty was so quick to be given. This happens every time a penalty goes against Milan and Juventus. Do not forget about Milan getting screwed by the ref a few weeks ago when Messias scored. Marotta is making VAR Great Again.

  4. @Stevie

    I guess Marotta was sleeping when juve were awarded a 90th minute pk against Inter? Or when Lazio and Napoli were awarded penalties against Inter? Stop writing nonsense. Inter were robbed of a Scudetto in 1998, look it up on Google May be you are still a child. Moggi was convicted in civil court. Juve lawyer in 2006 admitted juve deserved punishment.

  5. Where is the people’s hero and prosecutor Giuseppe Pecoraro right now?
    Let the justice warrior request the audio files for this match as well.

    “we need transparency”.

  6. @Francesco

    So are you suggesting that many clubs(including Inter and Juventus) are victims of poor decisions made by referees?

    Or are you simply suggesting that this incident(which benefits Inter) is a pure accident, but other incidents which benefit teams other than inter are intended match fixing?

  7. @Franco No not all Inter fans are happy with this. Disgraceful. And I’m not just talking about our performance or that Ranocchia still plays in Serie A!

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