Fikayo Tomori discusses Milan‘s title hopes and aims to play the World Cup with England despite being snubbed from the Three Lions squad for the March break.

The English defender has been one of Milan’s pivotal players this season. The Rossoneri are enjoying a three-point lead over Napoli with eight games remaining in Serie A.

“I feel the weight of the club, you can feel how important it is in the world, the history and the importance. And for me to be here it’s a great opportunity to represent the club,” he told The National.

“I feel like since I’ve been here, I’ve grown as a person as well. I’ve developed not only on the pitch, but off the pitch as well. So feeling really good.

“At the beginning of the season, if you said coming into April we’d be top of the league and you’ve got the semi-final of the Coppa Italia second leg to go, I think we’d fancy our chances,” he continued.

“We know where we are, we know this is a crucial part of the season. And that pressure, that’s on us at the moment. We’re just fuelling that and storing it and using it like a fire in our belly to go for every single game.

“Obviously it’s very important and we know that every single game counts. So we’re just trying to take our time, not get too ahead of ourselves, not get too excited. Just stay calm, keep playing our football, keep doing the right things and then, hopefully at the end of the season with this position we’re in, we can have something really big to celebrate.

“Because we found out that no Milan team have won the Coppa Italia and Serie A in the same season, so again that’s something else. Why can’t we be the first team to do that? So little things like that are keeping us going.”

Tomori believes that the mix between young and experienced players is working out well and Milan and highlights the importance of having Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the team.

“Obviously we have Zlatan, who’s always driving every single person,” he said.

“We have young players that haven’t played in the Champions League or haven’t won the league, so having somebody like him keep everyone focused and driven and always giving constant reminders … constant reminders is something this team needs and something we’re taking on board and learning from.

“It’s definitely a good mix. Because as young players we have that vibrancy, that energy, that enthusiasm. And then the older players have the experience, they have the calm heads, they know the right words to say at the right time. We’ve got a good blend and I think people are seeing that.”

Tomori has not been included in the England squad for the upcoming friendly encounters against Switzerland and Ivory Coast despite his convincing performances with the Rossoneri shirt. Nevertheless, he hopes to be part of the team for Qatar 2022 at the end of the year.

“There are so many good players in my position. Obviously I don’t have a right to be in the squad. Every single player, their dream is to play in the World Cup. So, with my eye on that at the end of the season, I know that the only way I’m going to get there is playing well for Milan.

“Try and win the league even more so I can get in. I’ve just got to keep on playing well for Milan, keep on working hard, and hopefully, it will come.”

Tomori completed a permanent €28m move from Chelsea in the summer of 2021 after a six-month loan spell at the Stadio Meazza. He has played 53 games across all competitions with the Serie A giants.

13 thought on “Tomori reacts to England snub and boosts Milan title hopes”
  1. With the current selection of english defenders, the most logical explanation for Tomori not to play is, that Southgathe dosen’t watch Seria A.

  2. They have no explanation whatsoever. How ideal is snubbing Tomori for Maguire?
    That’s some weird move

  3. He should have played for his native Canada. They’re going to the World Cup. Serves him right. 🇨🇦

  4. I don’t get why Milan fans are up in arms about Tomori not getting selected for 2 meaningless friendlies, he seems fine about it. I personally don’t care who England select, I do want Tomori fit and firing for the end of the season though.

  5. Southgate has full confidence in Tomori. There’s nothing else to prove. He will go to the world cup nonetheless.

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