Gazzetta dello Sport

Zhang: ‘My Inter believes’

Champions League Final tomorrow

President to Gazzetta dello Sport: ‘Ready, united and with Inzaghi’s calm: why the dream is not impossible’

De Bruyne and City: ‘My friend Lukaku, don’t kid around’

Milan USA deals

Pulisic prepares the discount

San Donato stadium: what it’ll be like

American of Chelsea is the target

Doctor Antenucci, the penalty is right

Cagliari 1-1 Bari

On Sunday we see who goes into Serie A

Corriere dello Sport

Crisis of faith in Fede

Moment of choices in the third chapter of Max: controversy brewing

Chiesa is unsatisfied and on the list of potential sales

The forward no longer feels he is at the centre of Allegri’s project

Kean leaves the Under-21 camp: ‘Lack of motivation? Fake news’

Only Radunovic stops Bari

It ends 1-1 in Cagliari

Lapadula goal and the ‘keeper is a wall until Antenucci’s penalty at the 96th

Inter, it will be won in 10 metres

Champions League, tactical study

Tomorrow the Final against Manchester City: the little space allowed to Dzeko and Lautaro will be decisive

Analysis of the squad value: one cost €924m, the other €240m

#U20WC #U20WorldCup #Azzurrini

Fiorentina summit with Italiano, ADL is waiting

Commisso tries to rebuff Napoli

Roma, N’Dicka has a medical

Club accelerates to respond after attempted Milan blitz

Defender will be in the Capital next week

Volpato heading towards Sassuolo

Fair Play: We explain why the club is penalised on the market


Juve-Milik, discount or he’ll leave

Decisive hours for the Polish striker

Buy-out clause from Marseille set at €7m: aim to get better conditions or another loan

Weah Junior proposed to the Bianconeri, Gnonto also an idea for the wing

Step up for Frattesi

Causio: ‘This is when we see the real Juventini’

Operation City: Inter in Istanbul, but the New York Times sinks Zhang

Vlasic: Toro raise the offer

Tomorrow the purchase option expires

Vagnati suggests €9m plus bonuses to West Ham rather than the agreed €13m

Croatian pressuring to remain with the Granata

Miranchuk situation stalled

Biraghi injured, Viola fury: ‘UEFA must intervene’

West Ham fans in their sights

Milan: challenge to Roma for N’Dicka

Watch out for Thuram

Draw and tension, Cagliari have to win in Bari

Serie B play-off final first leg

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