Gazzetta dello Sport

Tonali exclusive: ‘I’ve got the Devil in me’

‘In 2023 Milan will be without limits, we want to win them all, Scudetto comeback is possible. I could stay here for life’

Qatar 2022, towards the Grand Final

The world says Leo

Messi against Mbappé: two very different styles and generations face off

The great exes, from Zanetti to Seedorf, all bet on the Argentine being decisive

Sacchi: ‘France and Argentina, don’t go overboard with tactics’

Griezmann the Joker in the pack

De Paul running hard

Super NO

Europe agrees with UEFA and FIFA, Super League is over

Project backed by Juve, Real Madrid and Barca

Del Piero will be the card to reopen dialogue

New Bianconeri moves

Corriere dello Sport

On their knees for Mourinho

Roma in Albufeira, security reinforced

Meeting in Portugal to convince Jose to lead the Nazionale

Summit between federation and agent, the Special One is evaluating the possibility of accepting the dual role

Friedkin family cautious

Tonight the test with Cadiz

France tension amid influenza nightmare

World Cup, on Sunday the Final with Argentina

After Upamecano and Rabiot, now Coman is ill too

Hand sanitiser passed around

Messi-Mbappé the countdown begins

Endrick, the 16-year-old purchased for €72m

Real Madrid sign the Palmeiras phenomenon

Inter in the running for Ounahi

Ausilio in Qatar to start negotiations, competition from Leicester

English side ready to offer €40m, Nerazzurri hope they have more appeal

Talks still open with Barca for Kessie

Juve, leaving the stock exchange is a risk

Elkann turning point


No Super League

No Sanctions

European Court of Justice comes out firmly in favour of UEFA and closes all possibility of an alternative tournament

If the Court confirms this verdict in March, it is nonetheless only a remote possibility that punitive measures will be taken against Juve, Real Madrid and Barca

Girelli Euroshow

Champions League: 5-0 against Zurich, Cristiana poker, it’s Lyon in the quarter-finals

Roma proposal: Kumbulla to Juric, Lukic for Mou

Cairo pushing for the centre-back’s loan

‘I am a guide at Superga with Torino in my heart’

Schuurs: ‘My shoulder is fine now and I am increasingly glad to have chosen the Granata. City and fans are fantastic. When my friends from the Netherlands come over, I take them up there and explain…’

Messi-Mbappé, they are phenomenons and so is everyone

On Sunday Argentina-France, where more talents emerged around the two stars

Di Maria and Rabiot rushing to get back in shape

One thought on “Today’s Papers – Tonali Milan for life, no Super League”
  1. The ruling is not blocking the super league in fact it says that uefa have no control over the clubs as long as they do not participate in uefa competitions. Once the £££ on offer makes it plausible for 10 or 12 clubs to form the SL it will start. I am surprised these papers do not have some legal content checking – in Europe you can contract with whoever you wish – doctrine of freedom of contract.

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