Gazzetta dello Sport

Football betting shockPolice at Coverciano

Tonali and Zaniolo leave national team

After the Fagioli case, the investigation widens, new revelations by Corona: the two Azzurri are under investigation

Mobile phones confiscated, three years for non-cooperators

Italy shaken, and Spalletti gambles on the European Championship

Gasp: ‘My Dea goes it alone, we need more from Scamacca’

Lukaku – Inter counter-attack: he spoke to Juve and AC Milan before Istanbul

Festival dello Sport – Baggio opens the show and votes for Lautaro, Cairo: ‘It’s Disneyland’

Corriere dello Sport

Nazionale storm

Betting scandal doesn’t stop with Fagioli: prosecutor blitz in the Italy training camp

Police at Coverciano: Tonali and Zaniolo under investigation

Shocking developments in the Turin inquest: two players interrogated and warned they are being investigated

Team in shock: tomorrow in Bari the match against Malta

Spalletti calls Ricci and Politano

Zola: ‘Reforms destroy our youth academies’

‘Abolition of rules put many amateur clubs in crisis. Many will be forced to close’

Cassamonti: ‘Now we need new stadiums’

Architect of the Viola Park: ‘In Italy the infrastructure is poor, we need to open up to private investment. EURO 2032 will be an opportunity’

Napoli, DeLa steps in

President at Castel Volturno to meet with Garcia

Face to face with the coach: ‘Stay calm, keep going, the victories will resolve the most difficult situations’

Then meeting with directors and the few players who are present

Salernitana, Inzaghi wipes the slate clean

Starting from scratch with only one certainty: three-man midfield, defence to be defined


Poor Italy

Betting: Tonali and Zaniolo after Fagioli

Police at the Coverciano camp, two Azzurri leave the squad

Inquest widens: players informed they are under investigation, their computers are confiscated

Others could be involved in the scandal of banned bets

Yet another horrible blow for the Nazionale (which will face Malta and England) and our football

Spalletti calls Ricci and Politano?

Bellingham and his precious brothers

Marotta livens up the show

Golden Boy: 25 finalists announced, the Real ace leads the way

On December 4 the Tuttosport award will be handed to the best under-21 player in Europe

At the Cucinelli theatre in Solomeo prestigious guests launched the competition talking about football yesterday, today and tomorrow

Vlahovic, thank goodness

Two goals for Milan

Juve: back pain is starting to pass

Serbian sparkles in training match

Transfers: Giuntoli has been tracking Khephren Thuram for a year and a half

How Juric changes Toro for Zapata

Priority is to get the best out of the Colombian

Intense sessions at the Filadelfia to regenerate the squad and rediscover goals

Temptation: Vlasic in midfield and two strikers

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