Today’s Papers – The Supercup of truth, Atalanta aim for Coppa Italia

La Gazzetta dello Sport

COVID stop only with an outbreak

Maximum of 35% positive in the team, no Primavera

Inter-Juve, the derby d’Italia for the first trophy

Full of Super

A trophy in a one-legged game that means a lot for the future. Inzaghi wants to open a cycle, Allegri (in an emergency) needs a relaunch.

Szczesny without green pass, Perin in goal.

Lippi plays it: Simone ahead, rebux Max

Veron the judge: ‘Lautaro more decisive than Dybala’

Milan, Bailly dances

Gabbia to be loaned out only if the defender arrives. Pressing to receive the green light from Man United.

Mou, are you happy? Oliveira arrives, on the pitch on Sunday.

Cagliari’s scream: Bologna fooled, what a race for the survival.

Coppa Italia quarter-finals start with Atalanta’s assault

Corriere dello Sport

The Supercup of truth

Inzaghi for Inter’s hegemony, Allegri for Juventus’ redemption

Simone: ‘There are no favourites’, Dzeko-Lautaro in attack. Calhanoglu returns in midfield

Max with Dybala on the bench and Szczesny without the green pass

Veron: ‘Inter will win it’

The Argentinean decisive in 2005 ‘Simone has transformed the team, Max affected by Ronaldo’s exit.’

Sprint Roma: here’s Oliveira

Osi has recovered, argument on social media

Cagliari comeback, Sinisa’s rage

Pavoletti and Pereiro reply to Orsolini. Mihajlovic: ‘This time smartness prevailed’


Supercup for Scamacca

Inter-Juve for the first trophy of the season, but the challenge will continue on the market: the Bianconeri want the striker in January, Inter working for June.

Atalanta, mission trophy

Finalist in two of the last three editions, this time they won to win like in 63

Sheva, thrilling cup

In 2003 he left his mark on Milan’s last victory, now he plays for the bench.

Bremer 2025!

Pact with the Brazilian: signature and possible sale at the price of gold so Torino will avoid a new Belotti case

Sassoli, the Viola fan that made the Superleague sink