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Tears of Champions



Inter play on level terms and waste, Manchester City win

Nerazzurri KO (1-0)

Threaten the opener, Dimarco off the bar and Lukaku error at the 90th

Inzaghi: ‘The lads were wonderful’

Heads up, it is the most honourable defeat

Well done Simone, but it hurts like this

Haaland? The Martian is Acerbi…

Allegri of Arabia

Max, mega offer worth 60m for 3 years and he’s thinking it over

Juve coach courted by the Sheikhs

SpeziaVerona goosebumps, whoever loses goes into Serie B

Bari-Cagliari final test for the high jump

Azzurrini of the Under-20s and a World Cup we’ve never won

Here is the Final against Uruguay

Corriere dello Sport

Not like that

Guardiola lifts the Champions League, but the Nerazzurri exit to applause: 1-0

Inter make City tremble: Dimarco off the bar, Lautaro and Lukaku errors, the tears

Italy lose the third European Final in a row

Rodri decides at the 68th minute

Pep’s defence wobbles, super Ederson saves

Inzaghi: ‘The world saw who we are’

Mourinho and Allegri say no to Arabia

They won’t leave Roma and Juve

The Special One will see Al-Ahli next week purely out of courtesy

Max has no intention of going outside Italy

ADL move, meeting with Sousa

Napoli, on Friday the blitz in Rome

Secret summit with the Salernitana coach, who could free himself with a €1m penalty

Bari and Cagliari, it’s the night of Serie A

Promotion play-off 2nd leg

Final act at the San Nicola with 61,000 spectators

Mignani only needs a draw to achieve his objective

Ranieri can celebrate with a victory

Tonight in LaPlata Italy can win the Under-20 World Cup


Dream interrupted

Rodri-goal, Manchester City Champions of Europe for the first time

Nerazzurri play on level terms, but pay for errors and misfortune: Lukaku first ‘saves’ Dimarco effort, then wastes a header

At the 96th minute Ederson denies Gosens

Guardiola achieves the Treble

Also a hat-trick for Italy: of defeats in European Finals

Juve-Toro, traffic on the wings

Singo, Acuna, Mazzocchi: a curious derby for wide men

Granata player (whose contract expires in 2024) entices the Bianconeri, who were offered the Argentina that is negotiated by Vagnati

The two clubs also duel for the Salernitana talent

Rabiot, family summit: Juve hope he says yes

Under-20 World Cup, safety and promotion, MotoGP and Le Mans: what a Sunday!

Azzurrini against Uruguay for the title

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